The CEO of the book publisher New Falcon Press has been arrested and charged with sex crimes against young men, in an amazing ending to the messy story of the publishing outfit.

Michael Miller, 50, ran his own basketball school from his home and his been charged with sexual battery and illegally filming young men with a concealed camera in his bathroom. Miller has denied the charges.

LAPD Det. Daniel Aguirre told the LA Times Miller was suspected of secretly filming at least four male students, but that there may be other victims. He said Miller is facing one count of sexual battery and eight counts of illegal filming.

The investigation began in November after four of Miller’s students told police that their coach summoned them, on separate occasions to his East Hollywood home, according to a search warrant. The players said they occasionally showered at Miller’s residence after basketball workouts.

The students discovered a camera filming the toilet and bath hidden inside a silver clock. The players, out-of-state students staying at a nearby residence, gave police a memory card that one player removed from the secret camera. The card contained videos that are now evidence in the case, Aguirre said.

Three of the players also alleged that Miller touched them inappropriately, according to the search warrant. The students told police that they resisted.

Miller is the biological son of Alan Miller better known as Christopher S. Hyatt. Hyatt and Georgia divorced when he was an infant, and she married Benjamin Graber who adopted Michael Miller. He and Hyatt had no contact until around 1985, when as a young adult he tracked Alan down, and shortly thereafter changed his name to Michael Miller.

Christopher S. Hyatt was the CEO of New Falcon, and after his death in 2008, the book publishing company was taken over by his son Michael Miller.

However, the take-over was shrouded in controversy. According to Hyatt’s widow Linda Miller he had no experience, background, training or interest in book publishing, metaphysics, psychology or philosophy and had never read any of the books published by New Falcon Publications, including his fathers.

While his Hyatt was dying, Miller arranged for him to sign over New Falcon to him. The signing was never contested because Hyatt’s widow Linda Miller felt it would be long and expensive to take her stepson to court. She formed “The Original Falcon Press” with Nick Tharcher.

Miller did get his paws on an impressive back catalogue of his father’s work, Israel Regardie and some Crowley titles. Christopher Hyatt, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Lon Milo DuQuette, OSHO and Aleister Crowley.

There were calls for New Falcon Press to be boycotted but that went no-where.  There will be some in the occult community that would see the arrests and bad publicity for Miller as some much needed karma catching up with him.



Nick Farrell gets cease and desist request for “exposing occult secrets”

photoThe chief adept of the Magical Order of the Auroa Aurea, Nick Farrell has been sent a cease and desist letter from the head of a German occult order which claims that he has published its secrets.

Farrell released a book HIDDEN PATH BEHIND INITIATION a couple of weeks back based on a translation of a masonic book released in the 19th century.

Apparently Farrell has received a letter from a German order with the catchy title Auserwählte der Neun und der Fünfzehn which claims his book publishes its secrets.

The letter is signed by Degenhard Haus who says he is the Chevalier-Adepte of the Order.

“I am not aware how you obtained this information, but I request you honourably remove this book from publication to preserve the sanctity of this Order and the oaths that its members have made,” Haus wrote.

“As you will no doubt be aware, our Order was founded in 1790 under the direction of the authors of the CRATA ROPOA and we do not wish our secrets published,” the letter concludes.

Farrell tells us that he has never heard of the Auserwählte der Neun und der Fünfzehn and thinks the whole thing might be a hoax. He said he tried to contact the writer saying he would not pull the book and received no reply.

“People have tried to stop me publishing before and it might be just an attempt to stop me doing so again.  However, I would be really curious to know WHICH secrets I am alleged to have revealed,” Farrell said.

Farrell did not think that his book would have much impact on Auserwählte der Neun und der Fünfzehn and its secrets.

“There are only going to be 100 copies of the book ever made and they are in English,” he pointed out.





Happy days in the Aahathoor Temple when members of the French Temple greeted their leader by placing lace knickers on their face.

David “protect a kiddy pornographer” Griffin has gone on the attack against those who used to be his loyal members and dismissed their religion and sanity.

Writing in his blog this morning l Griffin released a stinging attack on Tomas Stacewicz claiming he was a “Roman Catholic” and turning the Magical Golden Dawn into a “personal vision of a hodgepodge of Christian Mysticism jumbled with Freudian psychology and Golden Dawn teachings.”

Under the headline “Why do Psychiatric Patients Found Golden Dawn Orders or Become Therapists?” Griffin showed his nasty side in a broadside attack on Stacewicz which also implied his former loyal supporter was a psychiatric head-case.

This comes from a Griffin who was initiated from 0=0 to 6=5 by a former psychiatric patent of Israel Regardie (Pat Behmin) and has long been a student of Regardie’s psychological approach to magic.   Griffin’s post implied that Stacewicz received psychiatric treatment at some point in the past.  We can’t prove that, but even if it were true so what?

It is not something which the chief of an order should be sharing with everyone in a pretty useless attempt to attack a former member. We would have thought that most occultists at some point have had a brush with counsellors, or shrinks as they have to process the material their work brings up. The fact that someone is prepared to undergo such treatment is a sign that their magic is working. It is certainly a breach of trust, oath and power to be snidely bought up in your blog.

Griffin has gone on record as backing Regardie’s suggestion that people undergo therapy before conducting magical training.  It seems that if they do, he will use that information if they leave.

We have been warned by some former Griffinittes that one of the reasons they dragged their heels leaving his Order was that they feared that information like this would be made public or used against them.  This is one of the reasons that they have chosen to remain secretive after leaving so that they do not attract this sort of attention.

Meanwhile the ruler of Griffin’s Paris Ahathoor temple (number 7)  has found themselves at odds with the AO’s co-founder Pascal Ruggiu.  The name Ahathoor temple (number 7) was the name of Mather’s Paris temple which for years Griffin and Ruggiu insisted was the original AO temple.

Ruggiu quit Griffin’s order after the latter wrote an insulting letter to his secret chiefs and always claimed to be running Ahathoor.  Griffin to keep up appearances lured one of Ruggiu’s former chiefs  “Aude Valfoy” over to the darkside to pretend that it was “business as normal.”

Our sources in Paris suggested that “Aude Valfoy” did not have enough members to actually run the temple and all European members were being initiated in Germany or Dublin.  That was until the Germans also quit, leaving Dublin as Griffin’s only working temple.

All that would have gone un-noticed if it had not been for Ruggiu appointing “Meleph Ashagar” to run Paris Ahathoor temple (number 7)  and the latter setting up a Facebook page

Valfoy went onto the site and declared that the Paris Ahathoor temple (number 7) was a fraud because the Griffin version was still running (under the leadership of Valfoy).  That angered Ruggiu  who told Valfoy he was forbidden to use the Anathoor name.  He said that the Ahathoor  warrant was personally signed by Desmond Burke as an Exempt Adept.

If that is the case we would love to see a copy, we had been told that Ruggiu’s warrant was signed by Robert Word who was given it by a friend of Burke.  Burke later denied he had any rights to give out any warrants.  Ruggiu claims he gave Griffin the 7=4 (again that does not fit with the eye witness story we have of Ruggiu and Griffin being given them in Robert Word’s kitchen by Robert Word).

That Valfoy  post has now been pulled but we did manage to snap a copy below first.

If Ruggiu is not careful, Griffin will publish his medical and religious secrets to shut him up.  That is if Griffin really wants to stir that hornet’s nest.





For the last week or so Watchers of the Dawn  have been looking at the strange case of the take-down of David Griffin’s website.

For those who came in late, the moderators of David Griffin’s Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn Facebook page received an apparently legitimate take-down notice from Facebook.  The note claimed that Facebook had received a letter from Chic Cicero’s lawyer claiming it infringed the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn trademark.  Facebook took down the site saying it could continue when there was indication of an agreement. Griffin was rather quick to point the finger at Chic Cicero claiming he was trying to restart the trademark wars now that he had lost his free lawyer.

The only problem was that Cicero did not send the takedown order, and indeed after three days contacted Facebook and told them that the case was a fraud and as far as he was concerned Griffin was able to continue operating his site. For some reason however Facebook has not restored the original site.

However it appears that this is an unusual case where the only person who benefited from the take down was the victim himself.

As you will be aware, after the death of his free lawyer David Griffin had to cut down on the number of frivolous law suits he was running and one of them was against AMORC who was refusing to allow him to call his business Rosicrucian Order.

Griffin allowed this case to lapse which bought him some six months but soon after it did his Facebook site which was titled “Rosicrucian Order” mysteriously bit the dust with this bogus take down order.  Chances are that Griffin would have had to have closed the site down anyway or face the wrath of AMORC.  It was indeed fortuitous then someone else closed down the site and allowed Griffin to appear a victim.

It is interesting that the sites that Griffin has set up following the take down do not feature the words “Rosicrucian Order” but instead peddle the EU trademark for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  As far as we understand it Griffin has eight EU members based around the Dublin temple. The situation is so bad that a person in Rome was commuting to Dublin for his initiations.  Had Griffin a Rome or German temple as he claimed, he would not have found somewhere a little more local.   Griffin has been desperately trying to claim as many links as possible to the Dublin temple so that he can keep the European trademark.  If he can keep this mark then he can pretend that he is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn on social networking sites and hopefully score a few members who were looking for Chic Cicero’s much more popular order. He has even been pretending he lives in Dublin.

The shutting of the Rosicrucian Site allows him to set up two other sites with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn name and establish his grip on that name.

So does anyone else benefit from the loss of Griffin’s Facebook group?  Well not really.  Cicero does not have a Facebook group and distinctly uninterested in the Internet generally.  Nick Farrell runs a Facebook group called “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” which is currently quadruple the size of Griffin’s old Rosicrucian Order site. But he denies he could be bothered.

Watchers of the Dawn certainly have the motive but only after Griffin attempted to shut down its site which was only AFTER the bogus take-down of the Rosicrucian Order site. Besides we didn’t. Robert Zink can’t be ruled out, but he is incredibly uninterested in his old sparing partner these days.  So unless someone can think of another Griffin enemy who would benefit, it leaves us with the conclusion that the only person who benefited from the bogus take-down is Griffin himself.

We are not saying that he complained about his own site by pretending to be his enemy Chic Cicero.  We are also not saying that he shut down the site to avoid further court action against AMORC and wanted to spin the situation to his advantage. We also find it unlikely that it is part of a general campaign to replace the Rosicrucian Order name with the European Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn trademark on US sites like Facebook.  After all anyone who hatches up plans to burn his groups  like that would be seriously manipulative and probably insane and no one can be an 8=3 and be that mad can they?.   What we ARE saying is that despite all his cries of about being a victim, he is the only one who has obtained anything from his take down.


Anywhere is better than Nevada.  Griffin tries to lie about his address.
Anywhere is better than Nevada. Griffin tries to lie about his address.