Golden Dawn leaders, against all evidence, are suddenly publically claiming they are God.

Before we go much further we need to explain that the original Golden Dawn did not go beyond the 7=4 Grade, even then rituals for these two grades only existed in the Stella Matutina and Waite’s Holy Order.

The 7=4 concluded the Golden Dawn’s second order work. But there was a shadowy Third Order (8=3, 9=2 and 10=1) which was supposed to be behind that Order which was supposed to be populated by supermen, Secret Chiefs, and other aliens.

To get into the Third Order you had to be a God, or dead, or both. You did this by crossing the abyss which, according to the books, was were you “sacrificed your personal conscious for your infinite divine one.” Crowley claimed to have managed it, but he did so by buggering a terrified student in the desert by pretending to be an Enochian demon (who did not exist), so we don’t think that counts.

It is important to point out that the founders of the Golden Dawn never claimed to be more than 7=4.

So, why are Golden Dawn leaders suddenly starting to claim stupidly high grades?

The first one was Pat Zalewski’s number two and former leader of Robert Zink’s group Martin Thibeault. Thibeault interrupted a debate on a Facebook group about who was the most influential modern Golden Dawn leader to tell everyone he was a 9=2 or Magus grade and that adepts in his Order were far superior to anyone on the list it was just no one knew who they were.

Martin Thibeault: I am a 9=2. When I look in the Mirror I see God looking back… what would you say if I could make you rich?.

“The whole thing is rather strange…i (sic) have yet to meet someone in the world with more experience, training, and first hand oral tradition than Pat Zalewski and Pat recently gave me my 9=2…we have Adepts in our Order for example whom know one knows and whim have never published who would make some people on that list look like novices.”

Pat Zaleski was on the list but has never made any public announcements about his grade.  The bombshell was really that Thibeault was announcing that he was 9=2 on Facebook!

According to the Golden Dawn, what makes you a 9=2 is that you realise that you are God looking at yourself in the mirror. Now it is possible for Thibeault to look into a mirror and say “I am God” but that is not the sort of spiritual realisation that the Golden Dawn had in mind. You are supposed to see yourself as the infinite universe mirroring an infinite God. So Thibeault is saying “tremble with fear tiny mortals I am the universe and I mirror the One Thing.”

Obviously declaring yourself as a god amongst men should mean that you should be a creature of spiritual note.

It would be but Thibeault has been embarrassing himself lately trying to hard sell a gold pyramid scheme called Karatbars* which is just the sort of thing you expect from a universal god.

However, his announcement made our favourite comedy Golden Dawn leader David Griffin absolutely furious. He has previously claimed to have crossed the abyss and had been signing himself off as an 8=3. This made Thibeault’s claim to outrank him deeply embarrassing.

Griffin took time from his business schedule of peddling conspiracy theories about chem-trails, and other nuttiness, to claim that his Order now offered a curriculum to 10=1 or Ipsissimus. Ipsissimus, according to Golden Dawn teaching says that you are not just the universe looking at God, you are God looking at the Universe. Practically David is saying that as an Ipsissimus he is the ultimate Good and everything takes place within himself. That is some claim because it would provide you with the ultimate power. After all if you were so worried about Chem-trails why would you just not remove them? Why would you ever need to enter a court-room to argue over the Golden Dawn name when the universe will simply conform to your will?

Everything that David Griffin has done over his 60 years of life has pointed to a lack of such super-power.

In fact if anyone is silly enough to follow his teaching methods to become an Ipsissimus, like him, they will probably discover that:


oh-dear - Copy

We say:

“Anyone who publishes their Golden Dawn grade on the Internet is trying to tell the world that they are superior to you. Such people should always be avoided. Generally the higher the grade that someone publically claims, the less likely they are to have performed the most basic spiritual development. None of the Golden Dawn leaders of note have ever made any public statements about their grades because, it really is no-one else’s business. Once you do make a statement about your grade you are trying to sell yourself to others. This is not something an adept needs to do.”


*Other consumer organisations call it a ponzi scheme.  The Quebec Securities Regulator has issued a warning about any would be gods being involved in it.



One of Alex’s BitStrips

THE NEW Imperator of Chic Cicero’s HOGD London Temple has launched an attack on former member Nick Farrell.

Alex Sumer has just been elected as a Golden Dawn leader and already it seems that he feels that the job involves attacking and disciplining dissident members of the HOGD.

On his Facebook group announced to the world that he was the Imperator of Chic Cicero’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as if he expected a huge number of people to bow to his new status.

sumber 1

Apparently, the London Temple of the HOGD is nominally under the rule of the Nottingham temple that Farrell created and before he left to form his own group.

Farrell made the grave mistake of crossing Sumner by pointing out that since the Golden Dawn was a school, the Imperator of a GD group did not really rule things, but was to make sure the Praemonstrator (teacher) did not “look like a c*nt by making all the unpopular decisions.”

He said that the GD world was full of people who believed that an Imperator was in charge, but the reality was that in a school the person who dishes out the teaching was really in charge. He cited the example of a school where the Headmaster (Praemonstrator) was the person in charge while the deputy (Imperator) was just the scary person in charge of discipline in a school.

We noted the comment, but saw it as a gag against others in the Golden Dawn who like to call themselves Imperator.

Sumner hit back and sniffed that the chiefs were all equal. Farrell replied that he had no idea that Sumner would take it so seriously and backed down.

Sumner’s was not going to let it go and labelled Farrell as “paranoid” and a carried out “random attacks on people he felt slighted with” and then “passed them off as gags.”

Since comments have  come soon after Farrell, somewhat unenthusiastically, has been seen as banning negative posts about David Griffin on his own Facebook group. We asked Farrell if he felt that the HOGD attacks were because of that and he told us:

“I doubt it very much; I get on very well with the HOGD and am close friends with Chic Cicero.”

Did that mean he would continue to help raise money for an Order which clearly thinks he is insane?

“I think this a local thing. I have no plans to stop raising cash for the Ciceros, because a couple of members of their order don’t like me.”

We suspect that David Griffin is rubbing his hands with glee that members of Cicero’s own temple are attacking Farrell, and will no doubt spin it as “see I was right all along… the Ciceros do attack people who try to create any form of peace with me.”

sumber 3


We understand that Farrell has unfriended Sumner because he does not “believe he can trust him any more”   What were magical wars like before Facebook.



F*ck Off Farrell — We are not the Golden Dawn

This morning we received an email from on off Golden Dawner Nick Farrell suggesting that we retract all the stories about the comedy Golden Dawn leader David Griffin in a bid to bring about peace in that community. This is the email:

“David Griffin has asked me to write to you guys to take down all the posts you have written about him.  I do not remotely expect you to do so, but he seems to think that I am something to do with Watchers, so I am passing that on.

I am adopting a policy where I will not allow comments about Griffin or his order on my group UNLESS he continues to make attacks and people are required to defend themselves.  I have not retrospectively taken down any posts while his conspiracy theory posts exist and people have to defend themselves.

He claims that this is an acceptable basis for peace for the Golden Dawn, however he appears to be throwing a few bricks in the works by insisting that all Watchers’ posts are taken down and in return he will take down a made up book review from his blog. I have no particular belief that you will pay the remotest attention to this.”

While Watchers of the Dawn appreciates that a Golden Dawn nutcase suddenly wants peace and others in that lot are keen to shut him up, but we are not part of the Golden Dawn — we are outsiders.  Our job is to report the weird antics of leaders of occult groups – the fact that we report a lot about David Griffin is simply because he is the nuttiest. 


If Griffin did not behave like a crazy person we would have nothing to report, while he does he is news. There is not a single story we have written about Griffin which is not based on something he has said.  It is true and accurate. Just because it does not fit into attempts by the Golden Dawners to silence its particular Griffin embarrassment, we do not believe that retrospectively censoring Griffin will do anyone any good. It would just take away evidence of his particular misdeeds over a number of years.


On that basis we do not think that doing deals with such people is productive. We believe in the stories we have posted and while fantasy and spin can be negotiated away, the TRUTH is still the TRUTH, it might be inconvenient, but it is still true.

If Griffin behaves, as he promises he will, then we will have nothing to report and we will have to find other stories. The Golden Dawn will get its peace when Griffin stops doing silly things.


David Griffin appears to stoop to ID theft to feed his socks

Comedy Imperator David “my knob has egg on it” Griffin has apparently stooped to the use of identity theft to provide him with sock puppets.

Recently a woman called Shanti Vinkatesh has been posting on Griffin’s group with quotes taken from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Facebook site.  She appeared to be reporting how the group was attacking Griffin.

sicko - Copy

However, Shanti Vinkatesh is not a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn group so she is relying on a sock puppet within the group to provide her with information.

According to her profile, she has only posted on her news group once and is only a member of David’s Group and her profile came with this picture attached.

Because we were somewhat cynical that she might be a sock puppet, we tracked down this photo to a Google+ profile where it belongs to a Shanthi Venkatesh. The names were similar at first glance but they were spelt slightly differently. None of her Google+ friends and circles appear on Facebook.


So Mrs Venkatesh has suddenly taken to spelling her name in a manner (which does not make sense in her native language), got a different set of friends, and her sole reason for existence is posting on David Griffin’s group and defending him.  What is more likely is that she is a sock puppet put up by David Griffin and her name and photograph stolen from a Google+ profile.

To be fair to David, our search on Shanthi Venkatesh revealed that she probably did not exist in the first place and her Google account was probably set up by those who want to place fake reviews on sites. But either way it is strange that someone should be stealing someone else’s pictures. So what sparked all this?

One of “Venkatesh’s” comments seemed to be about video presentations on YouTube. Griffin has just released one which has been circulated amongst the Golden Dawn community with some mirth.   He appears to have spent some money on the background effects, but sadly, the foreground is occupied by a very wooden Griffin –dressed in a 15th century duelling jacket, occasionally jerking about like Benito Mussolini. He parrots his usual hard-sell magical message and appears to be a poor clone of his chum EA Koetting.

It appears that David was a little put out by his video’s poor reception and decided to attack the others through his new favourite sock puppet Mrs Venkatesh.

This is not the first time we have seen Griffin using sock puppets to reveal his darker side while pretending to be a nice person.  One of his socks Jeff Pallini still appears occasionally spitting toxic bile and nothing else.


It appears that since we started digging into Shanti Vinkatesh she has had her profile deleted from Facebook and also her post has disappeared from David’s group.  Isn’t that lucky we took a picture otherwise you would not know that she ever existed before she never existed..

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