Holy Grail was a witch-hunt documentary

Who do you know she is a witch?  One of the flicks showing in Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight is showing that Monty Python might have been more than a little accurate […]

Polish shaman site found

Nearly 9,000 year old shaman site Archaeologists have found a 9,000 year old shaman site  ago in north western Poland. The site, located close to the modern day lake Świdwie, contains […]

Asatru movement hijacked by neo-Nazis

Jailed Asatru followers confused with white supremacists. Asatru followers are finding it hard to follow their religion in US prisons because it is adopted by neo-Nazis. Ex-con Jody Hadley who found […]

Three dead in “tantric” murders

So much for sex  Coppers in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh think that the triple murders they are investigating might have been the result of a Tantric cult. Three persons were […]

Opium of the people back in former communist countries

Former communist countries returning to the Church After years of declaring that religion was the opium of the people, former communist countries in central and Eastern Europe are returning to Christianity. […]

Ozzie Osborne to bark at solar eclipse

Ozzie’s own ritual Bat-biting rocker Ozzie Osbourne has his own way of dealing with the bad effects of a solar eclipse – he performs a rock-concert at it. Moonstock, a […]