Catholic Tory invests in abortion drug

A Catholic MP who thinks that abortion is “morally indefensible” has been linked to a firm which peddles a pill which causes terminations. According to the Independent Jacob Rees-Mogg, denounced abortion […]

Raymond Buckland is dead

One of the key players in establishing the Craft in the US, Raymond Buckland has died. He was 83. Buckland who was born in England on 31 August 1934 was […]

Satanists’ magic is making people hate Trump

The “firefighter prophet” and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor is claiming that the illuminati and Freemasons are using a  Satanic frequency to change people’s DNA in order to make them oppose […]

Maxine Sanders incorporates Alexandrian Witchcraft

One of the doyens behind Alexandrian Wicca, Maxine Sanders has created a “religious company” called Alexandrian Witchcraft UK. The company was formally incorporated last month as a “Private Limited Company” […]