My missus crushed Daesh with her mighty magic spell claims Griffin

griffinComedy Golden Dawn chief David Griffin has been claiming lately that his wife’s wiccan spell is crushing Daesh terrorists.

Like many magicians, Griffin and his wife, Leslie McQuade have been doing magic to swat the Daesh death cult. Recently McQuade posted a Wiccan spell which for their followers to do which was supposed to bind Daesh and cause any harm it did to rebound on it.

The spell raised a few eyebrows in the Wiccan community because it totally failed to mention any gods or goddesses, which is a bit of a thing with witches. There were also concerns that it did not mention any divine names, or invoke the “highest first” which is a bit of a thing in the Golden Dawn Community. Never the less, at least they got off their arse and did something magical rather than tastefully calling for everyone to carry guns which they did the past.


Destroyed Daesh with flick of her broom

But apparently that was not enough for Griffin. He had to claim that the spell was so powerful it was destroying the Daesh.

Yesterday he posted claims that since everyone started doing his wife’s ritual IS was being destroyed by Russian bombers. He posted links to a strike which was supposed to have severely damaged IS’s oil supply line through Turkey and another where Daesh just suffered a major defeat as Iraqi forces took control over Daes’h last remaining stronghold in Ramadi. All this is proof about his wife’s wonderful magic spell and how it is really important for people to sign up for his magic course.

Needless to say that there are a couple of things wrong with this. Firstly Mrs Griffin’s spell (see below)  was a binding so that everything that Daesh did would rebound on them. This is standard wiccan fare because it prevents you suffering from effectively “doing harm” to someone else. This would mean that if Daesh conducts airstrikes against someone, those airstrikes will either accidently destroy Daesh or attract airstrikes back. So far, fortunately, Daesh has not got an airforce. So the Russian strikes are not a result of Griffin’s magic.

Daesh timing problem

There is also a small problem about when the attack on the oil trucks happened. Russian was claiming to have hit 500 oil trucks in November and this latest announcement may be footage of a much earlier event which is now topical because the Russians have released film. Newspapers have said that Russian has been blitzing oil trucks both before and after Griffin and his cronies did their magic.

As far for the “last remaining stronghold in Ramadi” claim, it would appear that the Ramadi situation was a bit of a joke. The town was taken by only 600 Daeseh and was being held by 300 against 10,000 Iraq soldiers and even then it took ten days (the Iraqi attack started before the Griffins started casting their magic).

Dasesh used civilians as human shields and mostly escaped. According to Griffin’s binding they should have had all that turned against them and not escaped.

Nothing magical against Daesh here

So in other words there is nothing to suggest that Griffin’s magic made the slightest bit of difference to Dasesh. Watchers would not have minded and would not be writing this story had Griffin not attempted to use this as marketing for his courses.

“We are already beginning to notice the aftermath of this unique historical event – this Spellworking unlike anything the world had seen before. From Africa to Australia, from Asia through Europe and the Americas, may each one of us always remember: You are free. You are powerful. You are not alone. Together – We are invincible. In Abundance, Power, and Truth,” David claimed in a statement to his followers this morning.

In other words every victory you see against Dasesh is as a result of our magic, which Mrs and Mrs Griffin can teach to you… what is wrong with that?

Here is the spell for you to make your own mind up

A Binding Spell for Daesh

by HPS Leslie McQuade

Hibernian Line of Alexandrian Wicca


Materials: paper, scissors, red string. Optional: box of dirt and packing tape.

Make a totem to represent Daesh. I recommend printing out an 81/2 x 11 poster of their flag. or anything else (or poppet or statue or whatever) that helps you concentrate on those who have sworn allegiance to Daesh. If you are using paper, roll, fold or wad it in such a way that you can wrap a considerable amount of string around it.

Find a crossroads to go to (even if you can only do it in your mind) and stand at the center of it,

Hold the totem in your right hand , and the red string in your left ~ be sure to leave a tail so you have another bit to tie with.





TIMES ONE [wrap the totem one time with the red string]





TIMES TWO [wrap the totem two times with the red string]





TIMES THREE [wrap the totem two times with the red string]

Etc. etc. four through nine, in the same pattern


TIMES NINE (wrap the totem nine times with the red string]



As you cut the string say


Put the totem under your left foot as you say

THE SPELL IS DONE [tie a knot]

THE SPELL IS DONE [tie a knot]

THE SPELL IS DONE [tie a knot]


Now take the whole thing to a crossroads [3, 4, or 5 way, do not use a roundabout] & bury it in the center, about 6 inches down. If you are at the crossroads in your mind, bury it in a box of dirt, seal up the box completely with packing tape, and then chuck it in the garbage. Either way, your totem will be buried forever somewhere no one can find or unbind it.

Check-list against Daesh

Before the spell was cast what happened?

  1. Strategically Daesh was on the back foot when the Russians arrived.
  2. Its forces were starting to lose battles and its enemies were gaining in confidence.

Since the Griffin’s spell was cast is there anything different?

  1. No new attacks against Daesh
  2. Daesh is still well funded
  3. Daesh armes are still growing

In short, nothing to see here move on please.

“Whare Ra” pillars confuse HOGD’s Maat Temple members | HOGD

Chic Cicero’s London Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (HOGD)  has been telling anyone who will listen that they are heirs to the temple gear of the last Golden Dawn temple to close its doors – Whare Ra.

Apparently the Maat temple of the  HOGD own the Whare Ra pillars.

HOGD sales pitch

This is an incredible sales pitch and word has reached us from sources who were told by exuberant members of the Maat HOGD temple who love spilling secrets.

The Whare Ra pillars appear to have come a long way from New Zealand where they should have been living after the temple, run by a Dr Robert Felkin closed its doors in the 1970s.

For those of us who don’t give a monkeys about the Golden Dawn and its history, this means nothing to us. But for those groups who like to trumpet their superiority over others by finding artifacts belonging older more important groups because they own Israel Regardie’s underpants or the Great Beast’s duvet, owning the pillars is big news.  After all these pillars have had more than 60 years’ worth of GD adepts between them.

Gifted to the London HOGD

According to our Maat HOGD source, the pillars were gifted to the temple by an Australian called David Brook .  It is not clear at this point if money changed hands but it is unlikely.  We have tried to track down Brooks without much luck.

But unfortunately for the Maat HOGD temple Watchers did managed to track down the Whare Ra pillars and they are not in the meeting room of the HOGD in the UK.  Here they are:white pillar

And here is the b side


After Whare Ra shut down, the pillars were given to the Chivalric Hall Society where they grace that group’s temple.  Apart from a couple of years where they were loaned to a now defunct GD group they have always been and remain there (they were there on Tuesday).

A member of the Society told us how they had heard the rumours and it caused some problems because there was a mistaken belief that someone in the Hall had actually sold them and they are an important part of the group work.  Of course the pillars are still in Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

What does the HOGD have?

So the question is, what it that the Maat HOGD Temple owns and did it even come from New Zealand?  The initial thought is that they might have copies of the pillars which were made for a New Zealand exhibition on Dr Felkin which took place a couple of years ago. But surely someone from the Maat temple would have spotted that they were fairly new looking.  We have not seen the Maat pillars but these are the ones which were at the exhibition

white pillar

It looks nice but nothing like the original…..  We guess that in the Golden Dawn you get so desperate for authenticity that you don’t notice if varnish is not yellow or the paint is still a bit tacky.



We have now been told that the pillars do indeed have a history, but it is just not one that that the MAAT temple would like as much,

The pillars belonged to David Brook who was in Tamara Bourkon‘s group and started an Order in Perth. The pillars were rather nice and made by a local mason. It closed in 1987 when he went back to London.  He took the pillars back with him and they were damaged on the journey. It is these which the MAAT temple was given.

At no point would anyone have claimed they were from Whare Ra, in fact Brook was not a big fan of Whare Ra.

Paranoid Griffin teams up with Zink on Paris guns | Griffin

The two sides who viciously attacked each other during the Golden Dawn wars are suddenly on side calling for the French to arm themselves.

Robert Zink
Robert Zink
David Griffin

Zink and Griffin in gun call

Robert Zink, who thinks that no one in France will be truly free unless they are carrying guns and David Griffin who is apparently worried that his French member is scared because she can’t shoot Muslims.  Rather than counselling her that “Fear is Failure” like all good Golden Dawn leaders, Grifin believes she has a right ot be so scared she should be allowed to buy a gun.


Meanwhile Griffin is banning Europeans from his group if they don’t like his call for fight violence with violence by invoking the “Cabbalistic name” Elohim Gibur [sic].

Griffin is CIA victim

But Griffin has been getting even stranger with his belief that the CIA is actually targeting his order using Watchers of the Dawn as its weapon of choice.

He quoted Pat Zalewski’s lieutenant Golden Dawn leader, and Martin “I am a 9=2” Thibeault as saying that “Andrew Martini is a CIA covert operative stationed in Japan.” We have not seen Thibeault’s comment, so we are unsure if David just made it up. Thibeault does not strike us as that stupid and may even have been jokin, although he could also be a member of Watchers and flying a false flag!

Andrew Martini
Andrew Martini

Griffin moans that over the years “Martini’s” Watchers of the Dawn has attacked leaders all across the Golden Dawn community.

“These have included Nick Farrell, Martin Thibeault, Robert Zink, and myself. In this latest attack, Martini engenders false rumours about a right wing conspiracy within the Golden Dawn spiritual community.”

Griffin evokes Snowden

Griffin calls foul on that claiming that Martini wants to establish in people’s minds that the Magical Golden Dawn is the same as the Fascist Greek group of the same name.

Adjusting his tinfoil hat Griffin went on: “Whistleblower and American civil liberties hero, Edward Snowden, carefully documented how US intelligence agencies routinely target on-line communities for defamation attack, in an attempt to steer and manipulate those communities.”

Griffin claims Watchers killed Thelemite

He gave a list of people we were “out to get” most of whom we have never heard of and then David gets ahead of himself by accusing Watchers of the Dawn of murdering “David Mattachik” [surely Mattichak David]. According to Griffin this Thelemite died under “questionable circumstances.”  According to his friend Lizzy Rose Mattichak  died peacefully of lung cancer.

Griffin often sees assassination attempts from mundane events. He once claimed a bunch of elderlybunch of  arm-chair magicians called SRIA travelled all the way to Nevada to bump him and his number two, and free lawyer, Jorge Hevia III off by flinging a tire at them.

Griffin claims Watchers grassed up Keotting

Griffin also claimed that Martini’s Watchers of the Dawn tipped off police about the Living God and Carpet Cleaner EA Koetting’s drugs habit which resulted in his arrest (actually we lifted it from the local paper after the arrest).

“Put all of this together and a clear picture emerges not of some random trolls with an irrational hatred of the Golden Dawn – but of a hyper-paranoid security state terrified of any legitimate spiritual movements!”

Well we know that the CIA under the control of a New Zealander and Japanese handler makes a better opponent than three blokes who meet in an Oxford pub pointing out occult leader’s hypocrisy, but the level of bat-shit crazy pouring from these two US leaders is hysterical.

Zink at least had the sense to tone down his message by calling on his followers to “send light energy” to heal Paris. Griffin as we mentioned wanted to attack everyone using the cabbalistic divine name Elohim Gibur [sic]. He did release magical instructions to his followers which appeared to be limited to visualising Paris covered in bubble wrap which reminded us of the people at Woodstock ineffectually chanting “no rain” as it pissed down.

Why Griffin is wrong

Andrew Martini is not a member of the Watchers of the Dawn and is as far as we know a Japanese businessman. We are not an anonymous blog.  In fact we are pretty well known on the Oxford occult scene one of us is on Facebook.

Zink and Griffin do not understand his how things work in Europe, which is one of the reasons none of them could establish temples here. The US Right-Wing agenda of nationalistic, pro-guns, religion, anti-abortion, anti-global warming, usually with a twist of conspiracy theory does not play very well amongst the centre left-leaning occult scene in Europe. Sure, there is a streak of right-wing occultism, particularly in France and Sweden, but this is small in comparison with the overall picture.

It is bad form for occult leaders calling for magical attacks on Muslims while claiming they are tolerant of all religions. Europe also lacks the US gun obsession or an NRA style belief that no problem is too big that hundreds of bullets flung at it can’t solve.

David Griffin replies :

In a email to his loyal members David Griffin fumes:

Dear Magickian,

It’s not easy being a spiritual leader. Let me show you the sort of garbage I put up with daily since 21 years ago.

Yesterday, I sent you an email asking you for Magickal help to protect the people of France.

This morning an anonymously published tabloid, turned truth on its head, th claiming that with this initative I am inciting violence against Muslims. They write:

“Griffin as we mentioned wanted to attack everyone using the cabbalistic divine name Elohim Gibur [sic]. Griffin is banning Europeans from his group if they don’t like his call for fight violence with violence by invoking the “Cabbalistic name” Elohim Gibur [sic].“

What is worse, these bold faced lies are not written even by a real person, but by a coward hiding behind anonymity.

That’s it. I’ve had enough. I am exposing what is really going on.

Then he linked to his previous ramblings which we have linked to above. About the only far comment he made was this one as a PS.

“The only thing that did get under my skin this time is that they call me the Donald Trump of the Golden Dawn! Damn it. Thats not fair. I may not have his money, but I have a LOT more hair than Donald Trump!”

Zink blames French for Paris terror atrocities | Zink

Never happy unless he is pushing a right-wing agenda, the former Head of the Order of the Morning Star Robert Zink claims that the reasons that so many people died in Paris was because the place was “gun free.”

Robert Zink
Robert Zink

Writing on Facebook, the former Golden Dawn high adept said that the French had only themselves to blame because America had “stronger values when it comes to the right to protect yourself through the use of firearms. “

Zink said: “What has happened in Paris is one sad example of a massive gun free zone. It would have been nice if some people were packing concealed weapons.”

Zink and the New Age

Zink,  who is currently peddling new age courses encouraging people think positive with a pastiche of the Law of Attraction, said that there is nothing that can be done for Paris and send good thoughts.

“Perhaps this is a wake-up call that crazy reactionary gun legislation is not in our best interests. It never has been. If this kind of tragedy can happen in Paris, and London, it can happen here,” Zink wrote.

“I urge you to get the training you need to protect your family and community. You might start by investing in a good firearm and learning how to use it. You or someone you love may depend on your actions. Protest gun free zones,” Zink said.

Zink and failure

The fact that lots of people died is not as important and pushing your agenda to make sure that everyone is packing guns in the US.

Apparently that is what the Golden Dawn meant when they told their candidates that “Fear is Failure.”

Zink has been getting noticeably reactionary in his old age and he does not seem to really care about the fact he is losing his image as an esoteric leader.

Zink and Right-Wing Christian campains

Zink recently joined in the christian campaign against Starbucks, forgetting that these are the same people who would burn him at the stake. Still from what we have heard from Zink’s former members, there are a large number of occulty types would form an alliance with right-wing Christians who wanted to burn him at the stake.


Keeping an eye on the antics of occult groups