Jimmy Page still owes Mike Magee £200

30 years later and Page still not paid UK journalist and Tantric Guru Mike Magee is regretting loaning Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page £200 to buy an occult book shop […]

Anti-gay pastor jailed for child molestation charges

Jesus is anti-gay but loves kiddie-fiddlers An anti-gay pastor who taught  that gay people were the “devil” thought it was ok to molest children. The hate-filled anti-gay Christian Pastor Kenneth Adkins of […]

Gobekli Tepe unlikely to show comet tale

Opinion of new Gobekli Tepe finding, by Nick Farrell The archaeological press appears to have been hit by a touch of the Andrew Collins lately Gobekli Tepe story seems to have […]

Holy shit that is bad cure

One person’s religious miracle is another’s stomach flu Locals from Narathiwat province have been drinking poo from a sacred pond believing it cured them from illness. Apparently the water was […]

Religious recession has begun

New book has suggested that we are in the middle of a religious recession A new book has suggested that we are in the middle of a religious recession, although […]

Psychic predicts timeline to WW3

He got Trump right  Horacio Villegas, the bloke who predicted that Donald Trump would become president has psychically predicted the day that WW3 will begin. It is probably wise to […]

Images of Demons are catalogued

Avoiding a pretty picture of demons A new study has created the first visual catalogue of Jewish demons which has been made by someone who didn’t want to summon one […]

Holy Cow, Hathor might have been Syrian

Hathor might have been a female Baal One of the central goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon might have been Syrian according to new research. According to Haaretz one of Hathor’s […]