David Griffin gets the band back together

Burying the hatchet with all and sundry
David Griffin

Head of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Alpha et Omega, David Griffin appears to be wanting to put his past behind him and is burying the hatchet with his enemies and re-establishing broken friendships.

Robert Zink and Pascal Ruggiu have all showed that they are no longer at odds with Griffin ending the Golden Dawn wars of the 1990s and early 2000s. The whole Zink and Griffin peace accord is spectacular given the amount of nastiness which was flung between those two for 20 years.

A lot of this has been done through indirect discussions and through third parties. Most groups have long since moved on and are not interested.  Most of the blogs written at the time have also disappeared, and many expect some of the nastier historical pieces which can still be found will be deleted.

Some of this appears to be a change in focus, with both interested in producing different schemes and courses, with a more general magickal theme than a specific Golden Dawn approach. Griffin with his Magick101.com material and Zink with his Law of Attraction and Ruach healing products. This means competition with other Golden Dawn groups as business is less important. However the reasons are probably less unimportant, it means that the nastiness which characterised the Golden Dawn wars and its aftermath is over.

Ruggiu was a chief in Griffin’s order but they fell out, during which Ruggiu declaring on Facebook that Griffin had not done what his Secret Chiefs wanted. His Paris temple was one of the first European groups to break with Griffin.

It looks like that is not only patched up, but Ruggiu is now back to being a Chief in Griffin’s Order again. On his Facebook page he stated:

“Ok I’m gonna get promoted! On the solicitations of my old friend David Griffin (Imperator of the Golden Dawn in the USA), I agreed to take up the post of Imperator of the temple Ahathoor of Paris.”

He said that he had been getting some strange dreams which are “Prophetic” about the G.D and its moves to be more of an outer teaching vehicle for something else. What that might be he did not say.

Still it does look like the Golden Dawn wars are history and that particular piece of nastiness is over.

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  • I would call Griffin and Zink’s orders a moneymaking scam to benefit their founders. Same old shucksters selling in the same old ways. If someone offers you health, wealth, and power for cash – hold onto your wallet and run away!

  • The biggest problem with occultism today is that losers like Paternalcus above think that everything should be free. Of course, idiots like Paternalcus do not work for free themselves. They just expect spiritual teachers too. We have been all over this over and over in the past and there will always be idiots like Paternalcus looking for a handout. For those interested in a SERIOUS discussion about money and the Golden Dawn, see my 2012 article, where I put losers like Paternalcus in their place here http://hermetic-golden-dawn.blogspot.com/2012/12/money-and-golden-dawn.html/

  • Hey ” No Need”. How courageous you are talking trash while hiding behind anonymity and posting from your mommy’s basement. Thank you for reminding us that there still exist bottom feeders like you! Loser.

  • Your arrogance transpires in your comments. How can such a person be the leader of an order?
    You’re a joke. You can host a website like this for 30 dollars a year. And I’m a programmer and I can make a site like Golden Dawn in 1 month. It’s a very simple website.
    Do you believe that your website is more complicated than other orders when many of them only charge 40 dollars a year and your 140?

  • Good for you Griffin.. As to the haters.. Making a living from the occult is not an easy racket. Nor is it a scam. Without fees and dues or book sales occult teachers would need to work a 9 to 5 as well as teach.

  • LMAO what’s up with the retarded “enlightened” people still attacking Griffin? You people really must be stupid. Griffin had numerous free stuff on his site. There is nothing wrong with him charging for his instruction. How many of you dumbasses bought books to learn. Stupid ass people.

  • One of the big problems for occult teachers at the moment is how to make a living from what they do. It takes a lot of time and effort to present esoteric training and the concept that it should be presented for free is just unfair. There is nothing wrong with charging for a book, course or any other product.

    Society used to support its esoteric teachers so they did not have to charge but now it seems that students believe that a teacher should effectively pay them to bask in their glory.

    What is wrong though is if a teacher attempts to hard sell the product, charges too much, competes economically with other teachers, or uses their power over a student to obtain more money than the training is worth ( like scientology).

    But until the great socialist utopia takes over and society looks after esoteric teachers we are pretty much stuck with having to charge and complaining about it is pretty unfair.

  • Hi Janus,

    I’m glad to see that you have grown some common sense regarding money and esoteric training.

    Why is it completely acceptable for a New Age “life coach” to charge $197 an hour for private training, but for a teacher of ritual magic to do so is for many holier-than-thou armchair occultists it is suddenly a “scam”?

    Let me point out the elephant in the room everyone keeps dancing around. What many people really object to without being able to articulate it properly – is the application of the methods of direct response marketing and internet marketing to esoteric training.

    You know what? Too bad!

    As passionately as some people feel against using modern marketing methods for an esoteric order, I feel equally as passionate against the hijacking and co-opting of Magick and in some cases even entire religions by academia (read neo-Paganism).

    When was it exactly that the academy replaced the Goddess on the altar?

    In my opinion, direct response marketing methods are a powerful antidote to the more serious malaise of our culture…

    …the cult of academia (and the political cult in the USA that has co-opted academia itself – effectively turning our Universities into recruitment centers for Antifa terrorists and thugs.

    – David Griffin

    PS: As for the other weekly tirades against me, well: “Haters gonna hate.”

  • Oh, and Jean-Pascal’s last name is Ruggiu. Calling him Ruggu is about as tasteless as reporting on Nick Farrell as “Nick Fartell”. Poor taste. I don’t mind sending traffic to Watcher now that you guys are writing some real pieces and not just flame war tripe. But at least, if you are going to use us to generate traffic for your site, at the very least you could spell our names correctly!

  • Thanks Janus. And yes, I am glad that Nick Farrell got the Watcher of the Dawn band back together. Now that Nick took over editing and you aren’t throwing tomatoes at order leaders any more, you guys rock! Keep up the good work. Just spell my name right. (Oh. And BTW, your old tag line still shows up in your Google listing. You might want to fix your header metadata more accurately reflects the present mission of WOTD.

    • We will still throw tomatoes… if they misbehave…. it is just the mission is a bit wider to include stories of general interest to occultists alongside cases of bad behaviour generally in the occult world need to be reporting.

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