A demon caused a high-speed car crash


A witch called Zulema has obtained her five minutes of fame after claiming a demon caused a high speed fatal car crash.

She also performed a public exorcism using herbs and heads of doll which is always going to attract attention.

Zulema told the tabloids  who were there that a car accident which killed four people in a BMW was caused by a ‘demonic entity’.

Coppers do not believe that this was the case, unless the demon inspired the driver to down a large amount of booze before the incident in Reforma, Mexico on March 30. Still BMWs are often driven by those who appear possessed.

Zulema thinks that the speed with which the car was going must have been down to a supernatural power rather than drunk with his foot on the accelerator.

She performed exorcism by lighting herbs with a black candle to get rid of a ‘demon’ from the area.

She also used turpentine and the heads of two dolls as elements of her exorcism, to drive away the demon from the area and avoid further tragedy.


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