Donkey dung proves the existence of King Solomon

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A team of archaeologists think that they have proved existence of the demon-invoking, baby-slicing,  King Solomon thanks to a 3,000 year-old piece of donkey dung they’ve found.

Archaeologists discovered the dung in a mining camp last year in Israel’s Timna Valley.

Erez Ben-Yosef, a University of Tel Aviv archaeologist told National Geographic he began excavating the site known as Slave Hill last year the dung came from a goat and was just a few decades old.

While the pooh was un-named radiocarbon dating and organic material showed the pooh and therefore the mining camp was from the mythical time of King David and his son King Solomon.

Ben Yosef told National Geographic:”…the [radiocarbon] dates came back from the lab, and they confirmed we were talking about donkeys and other livestock from the 10th century B.C. It was hard to believe.”

King Solomon was believed to have run industrial-scale mining operations because of the large amount of gold and bronze in his Jerusalem temple, as well as his extreme wealth detailed in the Hebrew Bible.

Of course there is no proof that what was written in the bible was accurate. There has been no writing turned up with either of their names on it.

Anyway Solomon did not need mines,  he could have just used his keys to summon up all the Gold he could eat.


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