Hindus want Bhagavad-Gita monuments through-out Oklahoma

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A US-based Hindu group is planning to install monuments with verses from ancient Sanskrit scripture Bhagavad-Gita ((Song of the Lord) in public buildings and on public grounds in Oklahoma, if House Bill 2177 becomes the law.

For those who came in late, born-again Christians got their knickers in a twist when the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the Ten Commandments Monument that was housed at the Oklahoma State Capitol violated the Constitution.

Basically the French-backed terrorists who created the US constitution wanted to avoid any of the religions wars which had stuffed up Europe. Their first amendment basically made most of the 10 commandments illegal.

For those who know nothing about  Christianity the ten commandments are the verses in the Old Testament of the bible. Most of them are punishable by death. They feature all sorts of things about coveting your neighbour’s ass, which is apparently a big issue (depending on the size of the ass),not swearing, not having images of other gods, and keeping one day of the week holy. All these are apparently key issues for Christians which they most obey without question. So when it says you shall not kill, that means the guy who invades your home when you happen to own an M16. When it says you should covert another’s property it means consumer culture and marketing is wrong. It also says you must honour your parents which means that we should begin the genocide of teenagers immediately.

Oklahoma voters also think allowing the Ten Commandments to move back to the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds is a bad idea and did not want State Question 790 which would have removed a part of the Oklahoma Constitution that prohibits the use of state resources for religious purposes. But unfortunately they still voted for religious loonies who think it is a good idea.

Now House Bill 2177 allows cities, schools and municipalities to display ‘historical documents, monuments and writings’ in public buildings and on public grounds. It has cleared one legal hurdle and might get into law.

If it does then Hindu statesman Rajan Zed is planning to flood Oklahoma with Bhagavad-Gita monuments. He pointed out that the Gita was a “historically significant document,” and “recognised throughout the world” and was a “treasure that should be displayed in public buildings and on public grounds” in the form of monuments/tablets carrying its verses.

Hindus would place Bhagavad-Gita monuments/tablets in various Oklahoma public universities and colleges; city halls of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman and Broken Arrow; Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City, Woodward Park in Tulsa; etc.; after the Bill becoming the law.

Zed said this philosophical and intensely Hindu spiritual poem Bhagavad-Gita considers the nature of action, the religious and social duty, the human relationship to God, the means of liberation, and the nature of sacrifice.

Basically Zed is offering to open that can of worms which the US founding fathers wanted to avoid in a way which people do not have to die. Maybe then US republicans will start to realise that there are other religions and keeping these out of politics and secular life is a damn fine idea.

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