Buddhists fume as viral video shows them having fun


It must be a Scam

A North Chinese Buddhist Association has said that it will sue the Internet after a video showed members partying at a nun’s wedding.

According to the Telegraph, the Wutaishan Buddhist Association (WBA) of North China’s Shanxi Province accused the media of “tarnishing Buddhism” over the video.

Most men and women in the video were bald, in robes, and busy taking pictures of themselves or a group. Some people shouted, “unify the world”, and some were seen holding a board with characters “Wuxingbi”.

In WBA claimed that the guests were members of a pyramid scheme called “Wuxingbi,” whose members shave their heads and it had reported the case to Inspector Knacker of the Shanxi Yard.

“It’s time for us to take actions to defend the reputation of Buddhism,” he said.

To be fair it probably is a pyramid scheme, but we are not sure why it tarnishes the reputation of Buddhism to be seen having a good time. After all having a good time is one of the attractions of not having a religion based on Protestant Christianity or fundamentalist Islam


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