Magic is cultural misappropriation

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Witch war brews over which culture invented magic

An online war is brewing over whether magic has been stolen by European culture from “blacks and brown skinned people.”

According to Heats the current witch war was started by a Middle-Eastern Twitter user named Sanam, who goes by the username @trustmedaddy. Sanam has 13,000 followers who she told:

“Magic is not for white people. Leave that shit to brown + black women and stop fucking up the cosmic balance with ur [sic] fake witchy shenanigans.”

She claims that magic originated from all the “brown” countries in the world, in a way declaring practices like Wicca and Runic Magic to be cultural appropriation of “brown + black” culture.  Magical practices arose simultaneously worldwide and no one really can claim to have a head start on them or “own them.”

This daft comment which completely fails to understand history and works on the standard Wiccan High Priestess motto “History and knowledge is what I say it is” and her claim did not go unchallenged, but in a funny, and even less correct, way.

A black woman bearing the name “Feminist Witch,” whose username is @LOLatWhiteFear, issued a harsh rebuttal to Sanam for emphasising “brown” over “black” in the magic debate:

“So you felt the need to say brown first lol meanwhile all practices come from Africa. From black people. From my people. Lol yea but ok.”

So, in other words you brown types nicked magic from the blacks. Everyone knows that every practice in the world came from Africa.

Then a Hispanic witch, or bruja, weighed in to say watching her white friends mess around with Tarot cards made her uncomfortable.

“I need to be real with you. I have a few yt (white) friends who fuck with tarot and general witch things and it makes me UNCOMFORTABLE as a brujx.”

After all everyone knows that Tarot was invented by…. Well white Italian guys… but that is not the point ok!

The debate went a little pear shaped after that, but is spreading to a Facebook page near you. It is not so much cultural but historical misappropriation based on ignorance and colossal egos.

Just the sort of thing that Watchers likes to report on and mock.

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  • Sadly it’s a sign of the times. I have seen that discussion brewing here in vancouver years ago amongst the wicca/neo-pagan communities.
    Extremely Divisive

  • Magick, like our gonads, should be kept safely tucked away and out of site. Fourth Power of the Sphinx. Fourth Wall of the Pyramid. You know–all of that good stuff.

  • What a stupid, petty racist decidedly “academic” squabble. As a minority (black) and anthropologist, black/brown vitriol and identity politics has overrun an extremely Useful discipline. As a soul who incarnates into this material world , you (yes that means white people too) have a right to magick. It is unacceptable the amount of useless and racist “discourse” black/brown people can peddle with impunity because of phantom and vicarious past suffering. Sounds like something an overprivilieged non-white person came up with to deal with their upper class guilt.

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