Coppers say that Nanthancode killer was “into the occult”

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Occult is better than saying someone has a mental illness 

The lone suspect in the murder of four members of a family in India last week has been labelled as “dabbling in the occult” by the coppers who arrested him.

The city of Nanthancode  was in shock when the bodies of retired professor Raja Thankam, 60, who had taught history at a college in neighbouring Tamil Nadu state, his wife Jean Padma, 58, who was a doctor, their daughter Caroline, 26 who studied medicine in China, and Lalitha, 70 a relative of the family were found on the upper floor of their two-storied house.

The house was set on fire and the couple’s son, Cadell Jeansen Raja, 30 legged it when police arrived. The bodies were partially burnt and police also found a “partially burnt dummy.”

Police said that Cadell liked to research occult topics on the internet. Everyone knows that people who research occult topics on the internet often kill their parents, sister, and any spare elderly relatives so it should have been case closed.

Cadell was picked up by the railway police in Thiruvananthapuram where he had arrived by train.

Coppers who questioned Cadell found that he had been into the occult for a decade without his family knowing about it.

He also went to Australia to study medicine but eventually studied artificial intelligence and was involved in computer software development. This sort of thing does not encourage murder after all people who want to be doctors never kill anyone, well other than Harold Shipman and Jack the Ripper and everyone knows how stable computer developers are.

The occult link did not really pad out when it came to questioning Cadell. He confessed to the crime, and said he done so to understand ‘astral projection.’ He had wanted to learn about the methods of freeing the “astral body” from the physical body.

Even the Indian police, who clearly are occult experts,  could not work out how astral projection would lead you to kill your family.

However, in a moment of clarity, the coppers finally noticed that Cadell displayed signs of “mental pressure” during questioning and called in psychologist to help them with their inquiries. Maybe  they will stop looking for occult links and start working on the more obvious.

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