Kenyan magicians facing dole-queue

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While a career as a magician is still fairly lucrative in most parts of Africa there is a downturn in demand in Kenya and an uptick in Tanzania .

The ‘Pew Research Centre’ has just released some research on attitudes to religion and morality in Africa and says that the decline in demand for witches is drying up in Kenya as people either become more religious or better educated.

The place to go for an African magical career is Tanzania where more than 80 per cent of its population listed as firm believers in witchcraft and half of those interviewed consulted witch doctors for a particular problem. Tanzania is the highest exporter of magicians, with many of their witch doctors scattered all over the region.

Kenya scored only 20 per cent, which means that there is significant unemployment in Kenya’s witchcraft sector. This means that witchcraft tourism is apparently opening up with people from Kenya travelling to Tanzania and in the surrounding islands such as Zanzibar and Pemba in search of a qualified magician.

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