New York Times claims Trump advisor suffers from Evola virus


Far-right rediscovers its magical prophet 

President Trump’s righthand man Steve Bannon is an enthusiastic fan of the esoteric fascist Julius Evola, according to the New York Times.

Although Evola’s fans insist that he did not really get on with the likes of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and he was never a card-carrying fascist, his name is roundly associated them. He literally took a bullet for the SS when he was working for them. In fact, one of the reasons he didn’t join was because Evola did not think they went far enough.

However the Times by linking Bannon to Evola is rather painting him a dark light. Bannon is important as Trump’s key advisor. In fact it is the first time that a muggle, especially an adviser to the American president knows Evola, or has a Traditionalist approach.

Italy’s post-Fascist terrorists of the 1960s and 1970s saw Evola as a spiritual and intellectual godfather and called themselves Children of the Sun after Evola’s vision of a bourgeoisie-smashing new order that he called the Solar Civilization.

However the New York Times appears to have been over milking its source. While it is true that Bannon cited Evola in a 2014 speech to the Vatican as an inspiration for the Traditionalist movement he stopped short of saying much about him.

The exact quote was: ” I think it’s a little bit more complicated. When Vladimir Putin, when you really look at some of the underpinnings of some of his beliefs today, a lot of those come from what I call Eurasianism; he’s got an adviser who harkens back to Julius Evola and different writers of the early 20th century who are really the supporters of what’s called the traditionalist movement, which really eventually metastasized into Italian fascism. A lot of people that are traditionalists are attracted to that.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement, and while it is a little strange that a muggle knows of someone like Evola it is hardly a smoking gun.  What is more surprising is that an organ like the New York Times said it.  It also quoted Gianfranco De Turris, an Evola biographer and apologist based in Rome who runs the Evola Foundation.

He said that if Bannon has these ideas, it will be interesting to see how he influences the politics of Trump.

Evola brand occultism was an influence on the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn includes his works on its suggested reading list, and the leader of Jobbik, the Hungarian nationalist party, admires Evola so much he wrote an introduction to his works.

Alt-right leaders like Richard Spencer also is influenced by him. Spencer is the white nationalist leader who hit the headlines leading a Washington alt-right conference in chants of “Hail Trump!”

Less reported during the speech was his mention of Evola’s idea of a prehistoric and pre-Christian spirituality — referring to the awakening of whites, whom he called the Children of the Sun.

The Far Right has been a problem for Western esoteric groups, particularly those with a masonic bent. The reason is because Plato’s republic suggests a society ruled by philosopher kings is rather close to Fascism. Far Right occultists see themselves as those who should rule, and Evola would pretty much agree with them.


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