Acid provides scientific evidence of higher consciousness


Acid changes your brain.

People tripping on Acid have produced the first scientific evidence of a ‘higher’ state of consciousness.

Boffins at the University of Sussex have found increased brain activity was recorded in scans of people who had taken magic mushrooms and ketamine, psilocybin and LSD, in a new study.

Images created using brain imaging technology show changes in neural signal diversity while under the influence of LSD.

But now scientists at Sussex University have observed a ‘sustained increase’ in neural signal diversity – a measure of the complexity of brain activity – in people under the influence of psychedelic drugs, compared with when they were in a normal waking state.

Previous studies have found decreases in signal diversity when consciousness fades, for instance in sleep, anesthesia or in the vegetative state.

But this is the first study into brain-signals that allow people to reach a higher state of consciousness .
Professor Anil Seth, Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex said that this finding shows that the brain-on-psychedelics behaves very differently from normal.’

‘During the psychedelic state, the electrical activity of the brain is less predictable and less ‘integrated’ than during normal conscious wakefulness – as measured by ‘global signal diversity’,’ he said.

Neuroscientists re-analysed data previously collected by Imperial College London and the University of Cardiff in which healthy volunteers were given one of three drugs known to induce a psychedelic state: psilocybin, ketamine and LSD.

Using brain imaging technology they measured the tiny magnetic fields produced in the brain.

They found that across all three drugs their measure of consciousness was reliably higher.

This does not mean that the psychedelic state is a ‘better’ or more desirable state of consciousness, the researchers stress.

Instead, it shows that the psychedelic brain state is distinctive and that something is happening. The information was so good that the Daily Mail felt the need to warn its readers of the dangers of LSD and say that while the consciousness was higher, it did not mean “better.”

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