Jimmy Page still owes Mike Magee £200


30 years later and Page still not paid

UK journalist and Tantric Guru Mike Magee is regretting loaning Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page £200 to buy an occult book shop 30 years ago.

In the 1970s Magee loaned £200 to a Crowley collector called Jimmy Page. Despite having made a fortune, Page had no cash because he was on heroin and his fortune was under the control of accountants to prevent him spending it.

In those days £200 was fortune, and worth about £3,413 in today’s money but Page promptly forgot Magee’s generosity. The Equinox  shop went tits up, as rock stars are not very good at business.

Page, 73, might have been named as the Los Angeles Times’ number two greatest guitarists of all time, but is also a bit of a number two for those who helped him out.

Of course Magee could have dragged Page through the courts while the Tabloids rubbed their paws with glee at the prospect of a Rock Star druggie Alistair Crowley follower story, but Magee was rather too good natured for that.

Unfortunately for Page he is also Scottish so never forgets a debt.

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