AMORC taught hollow earth theory

Litigious Rosicrucian group  AMORC claims to be sitting on shedloads of secret teachings thanks to its great spiritual leaders. We have got our paws on one of these advanced teachings […]

A new Narcissist for occult groups

Occult groups are plagued by narcissists, particularly amongst the leadership, but a book confirms the existence of  another type for us to suffer from. In his book Rethinking Narcissism, Dr. […]

Occult secrets can endanger your health

Occult secrets cause stress While occultists think secrets, and keeping silent are a good thing, they could be making themselves sick. New research published in the Journal of Personality and […]

Pets decapitated as cure for mental illness

Decapitated animals are good for that apparently Florida Coppers found decapitated corpses of chickens, pigeons, a goat and a turtle which had been beheaded during a ritual cleansing meant to cure […]

Holy Grail was a witch-hunt documentary

Who do you know she is a witch?  One of the flicks showing in Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight is showing that Monty Python might have been more than a little accurate […]

Polish shaman site found

Nearly 9,000 year old shaman site Archaeologists have found a 9,000 year old shaman site  ago in north western Poland. The site, located close to the modern day lake Świdwie, contains […]

Asatru movement hijacked by neo-Nazis

Jailed Asatru followers confused with white supremacists. Asatru followers are finding it hard to follow their religion in US prisons because it is adopted by neo-Nazis. Ex-con Jody Hadley who found […]