Bad nun helped priestly kiddie rapist


Argentina is a bit shocked at the sexual abuse antics of a Roman Catholic nun who worked in a school for the deaf.

Kosaka Kumiko, was dubbed the “bad nun” by the children and the Antonio Provolo Institute because she would  send them into rooms to be sexually abused by priests. Others said she committed abuse herself, and would force them to watch porn.

In one case after a five-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a priest she covered up the bleeding by forcing the victim to wear a nappy.

Because the other children at the school were deaf, only the victims’ abusers would have heard their cries.

Kumiko was arrested and charged Friday on suspicion of helping priests sexually abuse and physically abusing the students herself.

More than 24 students of the Provolo institute in Argentina have come forward seeking justice for the abuse they say they suffered years ago at the hands of the Rev. Nicola Corradi, 82, the Rev. Horacio Corbacho, 55, and three other men.

The five were arrested in late November by police who raided the school in Lujan de Cuyo, a city about 1,000 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires after they found magazines featuring naked women and about $34,000 in Corradi’s room.

Rather than face up to the crime, Kumiko legged it and spend a month as a nun on the run. She turned herself in to authorities in Buenos Aires last week.

Wearing her nun’s habit and a bulletproof vest in the courtroom, she denied all of the accusations, telling the judge “I knew nothing of the abuses, I watched over the children.”

“I’m innocent. I did not know about the abuses. I am a good person that has given my life to God,” the Nun said.

Dozens of students in the Provolo institute’s school in Italy were similarly abused for decades. Some victims accuse the same priest who now stands charged of raping and molesting young deaf Argentines, Corradi.

In 2009, students in the Italian school went public with horrifying tales of their abuse. The Vatican ordered an investigation, and sanctioned four accused priests, but not Corradi who by all accounts was running the pedo-ring.

The accused priests are being held at a jail in Mendoza and have not spoken publicly since the arrest. If found guilty, they could face ten to 50 years in prison.

Lawyers called Kumiko “the demon with the face of a woman” behind the abuse.

In court, Kumiko did what Jesus would have done and blamed the victims claiming that it was a cunning plan from the victims’ families to get money.

She said the wave of accusations against priests and nuns is nothing more than “a campaign of discrediting the Church, meant to defile an entire religious order.”

The Vatican is having a problem keeping this story down. There is a lot of evidence that it was told of the abuse and even knew the name of the priest which was the ring leader. However it did nothing about it.

After the Italian students again named Corradi as an abuser living in Pope Francis’ native Argentina in a 2014 letter to the pope and a bishop in Verona, Italy, the Vatican still took no action.

This year a Vatican official said Pope Francis wanted to assure the victims that the church was taking measures to protect children and prevent sexual abuse.

A Vatican investigative commission recently visited Mendoza to learn more about the case against the priests, although that seems rather a little too late. It looks like either the Roman Catholic Church has learnt nothing from its Irish experiences or it does not care.

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