Ozzie Osborne to bark at solar eclipse


Ozzie’s own ritual

Bat-biting rocker Ozzie Osbourne has his own way of dealing with the bad effects of a solar eclipse – he performs a rock-concert at it.

Moonstock, a new metal festival in Illinois, will take place over four days culminating on August 21 with the US-wide eclipse. Ozzie will take the stage at 1:20 (1820 GMT) and start his set with “Bark at the Moon,” his 1983 song about the wrath of a werewolf-like monster.

The idea is that the song will be played as the moon goes into total eclipse, which means Ozzie will not be able to much around. The song runs four minutes and 16 seconds on his album by the same name.

The festival, which recommends that fans wear protective eyewear, will take place at a vineyard near De Soto, Illinois, about 140 kilometers southeast of St. Louis.

The solar eclipse will be the first to be visible across the entire United States since 1918, according to NASA.

Astrologically it is supposed to spell doom for all those lands that see it. The eclipse will be at least partially visible in all 50 states including Hawaii as well as in Canada. Pretty much the sort of doom that many of them were expecting after the elections.

Maybe the curse of the black sun will be turned aside by fear of Ozzie’s ode to the moon, and werewolves.

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