Soap-star witch uses urine to attract her cat

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Taking the piss for a cat

UK Tabloid, the Sun has run a yarn claiming that Soap star, and witch Samantha Giles has been leaving a trail of urine about the house to lure her missing cat home.

The star, who plays Bernice Emmerdale, has come out of the broom closet, said she was upset after her four-year-old moggie Bob didn’t return home following a night outside.

When six days had passed and there had been no luck with her flyers, Samantha apparently came up with a rather strange spell.

She emptied her vacuum cleaner around the outside of the house left a trail of her diluted urine down the street and even used witchcraft dowsing rods to try to locate him.

Apparently, someone told her that cats can follow the smell of urine back home, forgetting to mention that it has to be the cat’s not the owners.

Still taking the piss appeared to have worked and nine days after he went missing, Bob turned up and is now safe back home with the soap star.

Bob suffers from epilepsy so Sam and her husband feared he may have had a serious seizure and because of his brain damage, struggled to find his way back.

“We think he might even be a bit brain damaged. He is the most loving, affectionate cat. He is like a big soft baby and loves sitting on my lap all snuggled up,” she told the Current Bun.

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