Three dead in “tantric” murders

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So much for sex 
Coppers in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh think that the triple murders they are investigating might have been the result of a Tantric cult.

Three persons were found dead with their throats slashed in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh, the head of one was missing.

Superintendent of Police Shashikant Shukla said that the crime took place on Monday night in Chapra village of Katni district.

The deceased have been identified as Pusia Bai, Jagdish Singh Rajput and Jalam Singh. Their belongings, however, were not looted. Those killed were broke so the murders had no financial motive.

The theory that the coppers are working on is that the three were ritually murdered as part of a Tantric cult. This will be news to those who think that Tantra is all about sex.

Tantra tends to get blamed for a lot of “black magic murders” because some strains of it have to commit acts which are opposed to hindu societal norms.

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