Occult secrets can endanger your health

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Occult secrets cause stress

While occultists think secrets, and keeping silent are a good thing, they could be making themselves sick.

New research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psych said that holding onto secrets is too much like hard work and requires constant effort and deceit.

For the first time, researchers have looked at how secret-keeping impacts your overall health, and the results aren’t good.

The researchers found that it was wasn’t the secret-keeping itself that proved to impinge on people’s health, but rather, thinking about them.

On an index of 0-100 covering all aspects of overall health and wellbeing, those who pondered their secrets less than once a week had a health index of 66/100, while those whose secrets plagued them everyday only reached 49/100.

Thinking about secrets can encourage chronic surges of stress hormones such as cortisol, which lead to everything from stomach/bowel problems and high blood pressure to a weak immune system, memory loss, problems sleeping and the disruption of one’s metabolism.

Spiking cortisol levels can also be linked to osteoporosis and loss of collagen in the skin, which causes wrinkles.

The study was conducted by Dr Gopal Chopra, a neurosurgeon and academic at Duke University in the US, has studied secret-keeping intensively.

“To manage a mismatch between reality and the world around you requires the additional use of the prefrontal cortex and amygdala. When your brain is working at cross-purposes, the conflict creates stress.”

Secret-keeping also affects your ability to undertake other tasks in life, according to research by Columbia University’s Dr Michael Slepian.

In one of his studies, people that had concealed a romantic affair from their partner found everyday tasks (like carrying the shopping or walking the dog) more of a burden.

Gay participants who were in the closet were less productive with an everyday task than those who didn’t keep their sexuality a secret.

All this flies in the face of occult groups which are supposed to keep their membership and teaching as secret as possible. The study seems to suggest that the act of hiding your involvement in a group or system might make it harder for you to live the rest of your life.

The study found that secrets you keep for others can also cause similar problem. Stress could be removed by telling your secret to a loved one. Failing that writing your secrets down over a period of several days (then throwing them away) has been shown to dramatically reduce stress hormone levels and blood pressure.

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  • This doesn’t seem to take into account the TYPE of secrets one keeps. Keeping the secret that you murdered a dozen people is going to cause more stress than, say, keeping the fact that you have a pimple on your ass a secret.

    • Depends on the size and nature of the pimple, and if your Imperator has a matching pimple and told you to keep secret about yours

  • This is just silly and sensationalistic. Clearly the researchers were examining secrets that involved some kind of actual or perceived harm, or risk, to life, home, job, or intimate family relations f the secret were to be revealed. Because behind those secrets are perceived are real laws broken, deeply held moral precepts transgressed…infidelity, embezzlement, gambling addictions that have ruined the family’s finances , sexual abuse, molestation, spousal abuse…being gay in the middle of a fundamentalist family.

    That’s a far cry from most occult secrecy which involves passwords and ritual structures . Even if your group would kick out if you revealed those things. I have carried both kinds of secrets in my lufe. The former, the non-occult secrets, will kill you from the inside out. The latter are either voluntary affirmations of privacy or ritual theatre to make it all feel more meaningful, or both. And if your group gives more dire consequences than expelling you in a huff, then your problem is your willingness and need to subject yourself to that kind of control.

    You trivialise the pain that bearers of real secrets endure by this comparison.

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