AMORC taught hollow earth theory


Litigious Rosicrucian group  AMORC claims to be sitting on shedloads of secret teachings thanks to its great spiritual leaders. We have got our paws on one of these advanced teachings which was penned by one of  AMORC’s great names Spencer Lewis in the 1930s .

We don’t know if it still being used by AMORC, but it is under a series called Arcane Astrology and it tells its wealthy members all about the much debunked hollow earth theory.

To be fair the idea was popular in the 1930s by several key players in history including Mr A Hitler who sent an expedition, including Dr. Heinz Fischer and powerful telescopic cameras, to the Baltic island of Rugen to spy on the British fleet. Fischer did so not by aiming his cameras across the waters, but by pointing them up to peer across the atmosphere to the Atlantic Ocean.

It didn’t work of course.  The whole concept is bat-shit crazy.

The Spencer Lewis lesson is priceless. It claims that the reason that hollow earth didn’t catch on was because….well it was all a conspiracy… arent you lucky AMORC member that you paid so much for so long to receive this information?

“Let us take the first important fact: The earth is a cell.

This means that the universe consists of a hollow sphere. It means that the earth we live on or in is all there is to the universe, and that it is a huge cell consisting of a sphere with a thick crust or shell. Inside of this ball, on the inside of the shell of the ball, are the continents, the oceans, the mountains, the lakes and the plains— and we, as human beings, with all other animal life, live INSIDE of this ball, on this shell.

So far this does not upset a single claim of the old schools regarding our relation to the earth and the shape of the earth, except that we live on the inside and that the earth is a hollow sphere. The old school told us that the earth is ROUND. So say we. They have said that the earth is nearly a perfect sphere. So say we. They say we live on the surface of its crust. So say we. But we say that we live on the inside surface instead of on the outside surface.

Let us examine the evidence that the other schools give us regarding their claim that the earth is round and that we live on the outside of it.

They say the earth is round because we have been able to travel around it in one continuous direction and return to where we started from. This you will find in nearly all school geographies to be the principal evidence given to support the statement that the earth is round. But we can grant this, too. It is good evidence. But it applies equally as well if we are living on the INSIDE of the sphere. It is just as possible to travel in ope continuous direction on the INSIDE of a ball as “it is on the outside of its shell.

There is just one other point made by the old school: It is that we live on the OUTSIDE of this sphere, and the proof offered for this statement is this: When we watch a ship sail out into the ocean we notice that as it reaches what is called the horizon it appears to sink below the horizon as though it were going down hill; that the horizon itself is due to the curvature of the earth, and the sky and water seem to meet only because we are living on the outside of the earth.
Such is the evidence that is given us to prove that we live on the outside of the earth. It is as reliable evidence as taking you stu
dents out into a level stretch of country and saying:

“Now we will prove that all rail road tracks eventually meet at a point and are not the same distance apart continuously. 11 And then you are told to look at a long stretch of rail road track and note that in the distance the tracks appear to come to a point and meet. If you did not know better, such evidence might be accepted. But one of you might say: your evidence consists of an occular illusion and at best your evidence is only a testimony of sight and we have learned that sight cannot always be depended upon.

Now if we ask the other schools for better evidence that the earth is round and that we live on the OUTSIDE of the earth, we find a great mass of facts given to us which do not prove anything one way or another. The eclipse of the sun by the moon, the eclipse of the moon by the earth, and various otherc elestial phenomena are pointed out to us as proof that we live on the outside of the earth. All these explanations were invented years and years ago when astronomy and cosmology were first outlined in theory; and the same eclipse can be explained today by our facts that we live on the INSIDE of the earth, and with much more reason and understanding.

Then we have those who will arise and say: How can the sun be millions of miles away if it is enclosed within this earth which is not even one million miles in diameter? At first this seems to be a difficult question to answer until we ask the scientists how they know that the sun is so many miles away. They answer by saying that the distance is measured by a mathematical process, the formula for which begins with the assumption that we live on the OUTSIDE of the earth. If the assumption is changed to the one that we live on the INSIDE of the earth, and the same exact formula used, properly reversed, we will find that the sun’s distance agrees with the assumption that we live on the INSIDE of the earth. Such figures, then, that can be changed according to what assumption you begin with, are worthless as evidence. So the sun’s distance cannot be brought into the argument at this time.

But if you ask: “Have you any evidence for your statements that is better than the other schools give for their claims?” we can say: “Yes, we have evidence that the other schools ignore because it does not fit in with what they claim and yet to us it is the most important evidence that one -could ask for.”


If anyone tells you that AMORC is a serious occult order is just say to them “Hollow Earth.”

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  • There are no serious occult orders. There is no original order that has continually existed. These organizations have always been a mishmash of the knowledge the past, with some present knowledge thrown into anchor it, with perhaps new insight or interpretation given by a chairsmatic leader. I have never seen the hollow earth theory promoted by AMORC and I doubt it is. The thing about AMORC is that it’s esotericism by committee – updating every couple of decades as understanding and needs change. I left AMORC for BOTA but still have the highest respect for what they are trying to do.

    • We dont make stuff up… the quotes are from the monographs…. and apparently he even wrote a book about hollow earth but hey, believe what you like.

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