AMORC should be shutting this year

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The fiercely litigious Rosicrucian group AMORC should be shutting up shop about now – if it obeys its original teaching.

In its early works, Founder Spencer Lewis, when he was not pontificating on the world being shaped like a donut, talked about something he called a 108 year cycle.

This means that the Rosicrucian Order went through faces of being public, and secret every 108 years.  In his book Rosicrucian Questions and Answers  he said that this was a public time would be when the teachings would be exoteric. Then the order would go underground and not be seen or heard of for another 108 years.

Spencer Lewis did all sorts of maths to prove his theory which allowed for AMORC to be “reborn” in 1909. And while that is all well and good, it means that AMORC should be shutting its doors 108 years to go underground about now –  only it hasn’t and in fact it has made no moves to do so.

Word on the street is that AMORC is totally ignoring this part of its founder’s teachings.  Some of his followers think that you can’t really count the 1909 date the first official Manifesto was issued in the United States in 1915 so things really didn’t get started until then. That would give AMORC until 2024 before its best before date expires.

However, that would also stuff up all Spencer Lewis’s elaborate mathematics.

Practically, it creates a few problems.  AMORC is suing people for calling themselves Rosicrucian, yet by its own founder’s words they are not either.

In fact, if they really were Rosicrucians they would be selling off all their property, stopping their correspondence courses and operating in secret about now. But we guess money is more important than actual teaching, We could be wrong and AMORC is winding up as we speak but it really should be telling people and stopping advertising if that were the case.

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  • Take them to court,and defend what u say for the is evolutin of things Amorc too is passing through this process of change and technology ,think about the young who has just been open to the teachings ,it might be an injustice to them

  • Making AMORC sound like a money grabbing organization doesn’t ring true to me. On our visit to Rosicrucian Park in California last spring we were shocked at how inexpensive of a day trip it was. Parking was free, the grounds and labyrinth are open for wandering, we walked freely into the awesome esoteric library and could sit and study from their collection, and left with an assortment of cool free bookmarks. The only thing that had an admission fee was the large and very impressive Egyptian Museum, and that was surprising minimal! I believe it was $8.00 per adult, and it even included a free guided tour of their recreated tomb if you so pleased. We were expecting to find a gift shop where I was hoping for a t-shirt, but…no gift shop. An entire fun filled magical day for $16.

    • They used to have a gift shop, last time I was there. I bought a poster of Isis, a booklet on meditation and a nice Rose Cross lamen laser cut from gold plated metal.

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