Pope donates €50,000 for Lesbian relief after earth moved


Pope Francis has donated €50,000 to the stricken Greek island of Lesbos after it was hit by a powerful earthquake last month.

One person died and around 800 displaced by the 6.3 quake which destroyed homes and infrastructure from the Turkish Aegean province, Izmir, to the Greek capital, Athens, on June 12.

Pope Francis visited refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos in 2016, taking 12 refugees back to Rome with him.

Lesbos is currently home to about 3,500 migrants and refugees awaiting the results of their asylum applications.

Within days of receiving a full report on the scale of the damage, Pope Francis made the donation, according to Catholic News Agency.

Archbishop Nikolaos Printezis, Bishop of Naxos, Andros, Tinos and Mykonos said it was a marker of his closeness to the people affected by the tragedy.

A Vatican representative is expected to make a trip to the island in the coming days to assess the damage and deliver the money.

No damage was reported to the refugee camps on Lesbos the nearby island of Chios.

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management, said the epicentre was at a shallow depth of seven kilometers (four miles), under the sea between the Greek and Turkish coast.

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