Golden Dawn leaders count tragic cost of magically protecting Donald Trump

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The chiefs of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, outer order of the Rosicrucian Academy of Alpha et Omega say they lost their dog, their car and nearly their lives after working magic to protect US President Donald Trump.  

Imperator David Griffin and his wife Leslie McQuade were furious at those  who have been working magic to hex Trump. Writing in his blog, Griffin said:

“The issue here is not whether or not you agree with the politics and policies of Donald Trump. The real question is whether or not a gaggle of Communist leaning magicians and witches should be permitted to topple a duly elected President of the United States or bind and curse the American people who voted for him.”

Griffin said that these “magical terrorists” were “subverting the will of the American people” and seeking to “topple our Republic” by striking in synchronised rituals month after month, just before Black Moon when the energies of darkness and evil are at their most powerful. The series of rituals was to reach its crescendo on the Summer Solstice.

He said that unfortunately, the Secret Service does not yet have a magical arm, so him and his wife. Leslie McQuade stepped up to the plate to neutralize the magical threat to the First Family.

But he said that due to media hype, he and his wife were badly outnumbered. Especially as those who did answer his call were mostly untrained in battle magic.

“Sure, we managed to pull together a rag tag magical defence at the drop of a hat, but our situation this past winter looked as hopeless as Washington’s army faced at Valley Forge,” he said.

Griffin said that the only way to defeat the attacks would be extremely risky for Leslie and himself. He took personal responsibility for the magical protection of President Trump and McQuade did for Melania Trump.

They then used a simple technique drawn from “High Battle Magic” to draw all of the binding and curse energy hurled at the First Family to take it on themselves.

“Leslie and I created magical lightning rods to attract the curse and binding energy, effectively transforming ourselves into living “Poppets” (magical body doubles) for the POTUS and First Lady, drawing the energy of the attacks from the First Family onto Leslie and myself instead, where we could safely neutralise the energy on our magical defences here at Isis Temple.”

Redd Dogg

This had a tragic spin off effect. On Independence Day, Griffin was involved in a car crash in the desert which totalled his car, while Leslie McQuade nearly lost her life when hiking on Shadow Mountain with her dog Redd Dogg. The dog injured its paw and could not walk, and McQuade’s suffered from heat stroke as she tried to carry him down the mountain. Redd Dogg had to be abandoned and left to die.

Griffin wrote: “That rite nearly destroyed us! It was a terrible magical idea, but at the time it was the only effective option we had left to protect our First Family and Republic in the face of such massive, raw, carefully orchestrated evil,” said Griffin.

“And although our Commander in Chief will never read this, I end today with the words from an unknown LVX light-warrior from the front of a magical war our POTUS will never even know exists,” he wrote.

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  • “Communist leaning”? What in heaven’s name has “communism” to do with the general opposition to Trump?? I haven’t seen any talk about the binding spells that included desire for Communist overthrow or dictatorship of the proletarian witches 🙄… I think one can disagree with the binding spell without trying to turn it into a comic book-ish good against evil thing.

    • I’ll fix it David, remeber real magick is science. You need to not stop the curses but put a reflection spell on the POTUS First Family. During a full moon, embue a talisman of protection and bury in the name of Trump’s Family. Then the bindings and curses will start to go there. Once you have done this send healing energy to the POTUS. Don’t ever mess with karma and try an remove the curses, they have to follow threw or they come after you for removing it. You basically baited the curses and bindings. These are dark energies that need to go threw and be cleansed by the light. Remeber what Alchemy Teaches us. The art of transformation. We observe and guide. We do not get truly involved.

    • David Griffin is a joke. All ego, no attainment. The Golden Dawn was established on the Rosicrucian principles of seeking spiritual discipline to effect change for universal brotherhood and ministering to the poor and sick. This man smears the name of Golden Dawn

  • “Duly elected”? Russian lead voter fraud…. gerrymandering. … lost the popular vote… the majority of this country’s voting population did not elect him… Your lack of understanding and arrogance is dumbfounding.

      • Not. Seventeen intelligence agencies have said that the Russians interfered with our elections. A special prosecutor is working to determine the POS involvement.
        I was at Chic Ciceros when David Griffin was expelled for trying to take an initiation without having done the Golden Dawn work.
        David has no connection with the Order either from Christopher Hyatt or Chic Cicero who were initiated by Israel Regardie.

        • Mitchell, Seventeen intelligence agencies is a lie. Four admitted they were looking into it, none said it was fact and the other 13 weren’t agencies, they were members of the agencies speaking for themselves and with no authority or evidence, only opinions.. Go look it up and stop watching CNN.

          • For a fact the agencies definitely involved in the inquiry are the FBI, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and representatives of the director of national intelligence… that is not CNN that is The number 17 has been twisted out of context by the right-wing apologists for Trump on sites like daily caller. The 17 did write a report…. however three said there was definitely a collusion and the others had not made up their mind yet. This has been spun as “there were not 17 agencies involved… which is untrue. In any event how many agencies do you need to investigate your president?

          • Did you get your information from Fox, Alex Joke or Breitfart. Seventeen agencies was the figure used by reliable news sources and not sources that support a clown trying to sell my government out to Putin.

    • Try to name a nation that doesn’t invest resources into influencing elections. The extent of what the Russians *allegedly* did was leak some docs–not “voter fraud.”
      Both parties are guilty of gerrymandering. It’s a political given at this point.
      If we didn’t have the electoral college, America’s 5 largest cities could decide the election outcome on their own. If you don’t live in those cities, you should be grateful for our system.

    • Do you have any evidence at all that Russia tampered with the election? Nope. Because there isn’t any. None just disgruntled anti democratic losers looking to make things up because their marxist socialist lying murderer lost. And you call others ignorant.

      • We have Trump’s own words, the words of goods son and Putin caught on tape, what more evidence do you want?

        At this point Trump himself could say he personally hacked and charmed votes and you deranged supporters would be telling us all how clever he is, that’s how little you care about democracy.

        You’ve replaced your loyalty to America with loyalty to the GOP and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • To comment about “lack of understanding” while simultaneously mentioning popular vote, which is not how we elect presidents, is dumbfounding

  • These two are lunitics. Real magic is no in that direction. It doesn’t work that way. These two are religious fanatics.

  • Why didn’t the wife check the weather report and bring water for the entire hike? Or even cancel the hike. Why wouldn’t she go back once she got to her car? Finally, why did this backlash take so long to strike? To me David may need driving lessons and secondly, i think they both need survival lessons.

    • It might have been a joke. But there is a lot of craziness dealing with this Donald Trump situation and what is going on in American politics.

      The world is changing and one country is affecting many. I say this is Bad Karma that is catching up with Donald Trump. If these people really act like this then they’re not understanding the energies of the universe. And this is a joke well Bravo if you are now seeing how angry people are and jokes like this is not helping!
      ( unless it’s cheering up the bystanders in some way)

  • Griffin is a fraud and a bigoted piece of crap to be supporting Trump. And Trump deserves no less than to be swallowed alive by demons and whisked away to a room in Hell awaiting Trump where Vladimir Putin is sodomizing him for eternity …as a dethroned bankrupt ex-tyrant. The opposite of Trump’s idea of Heaven where Putin is always still in power.

    • Do you realize what your saying brother, peace be with you always in the love of god and the energy of christ. And faor all the people that are here commenting to harass and NoT to improveunderstanding, u are here fpr a reason, think about it, David and his Wife TOOK RESPONCIBILTY for their mission, how many of you can say that you would put ypuraelf in harms way for rich people, or anybody foe that matter. Can we all just LUV eachother and this life WILL GET BETTER for us all

  • OMG how can you abandon a dog and leave him to die? to not go back for him, to leave him to a slow, agonizing death?! Shameful!! Any higher knowledge received by these people was given in vain.

    • The same way you don’t take water for yourself or your dog when you hike in the Nevada desert when it is over 100 degrees.

    • I really hope this is a joke. Because if it is not then these are the worst magic people in all world. They have no concept of how things really work or why you’re supposed to take care of animals as though they were people when you in rhis type mindset

  • I don’t care what the circumstances are, I’m not leaving my dog behind. If we both get stranded then we BOTH die. I’m not leaving my most loyal companion and family member to die out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Anyone with any sense and knowledge about real magic knows you can do what they wanted without harming themselves or anyone else.

    Frauds for sure… and IF you were to take the negative on yourself there are ways to transform it into positive.

    They have NO idea what they are doing…. they let negative into their lives and it cost their dog it’s life

  • under the name of Isis you should better enhance the spirit of love and understanding of mankind with your magical power than to hussle in an low battle of good and evil


    So shall the light of temporal veil
    Reflect back their efforts
    and solve away their every flail.
    Hence orange shall fall,
    Into the pale.


  • The arch-Angel Gabriel spoke as DT announced his candidacy, “President Trump” – and so it came to pass. So in this too, one would be fortified in the knowledge, that it is the hand of the Lord which protects the POTUS. -IHS

  • David Griffin is a complete idiot, and just making his entire order look ridiculous. I’ve lost almost all interest in his order due to his big mouth.
    First off… magical orders such as The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn should stay neutral and put of politics all together! If they must insist on expressing political views, I would think a progressive view, would serve them better than the backwards thinking of Trump and Bannon that only serves millionaires and screws common people. Apparently Griffin makes enough money to benefit from those elitist views.
    Second… If the Russians tampered with the election, the Trump is not duly elected.
    Third… Trump is embarrassing the U.S. on the global stage (Just as Griffin is embarrassing his order). Both Trump and Griffin would do well take advise from good PR reps.

  • Astonishingly fair and balanced reporting. You even included a link to the original article
    so that those accusing us of murdering our dog merely expose what hate filled ignorant people they themselves are.
    You really have done a good job cleaning up the failing Watcher of the Dawn so far, Nick.
    My sincere hopes you can actually turn this sinking rag around.
    Watcher – after years of rotting on the back corner of the Internet with no traffic at all, is finally beginning to provide
    a real service to the magical community for a change.
    Hell, I think I might even link to this article and send you some REAL traffic for once.

    • Wow you are a jerk even to someone shining a light on your situation.
      Your wife is lucky she wasn’t hiking in Arizona. She would have been charged with animal cruelty and you would have been financially responsible for any rescue attempts made to retrieve her because of poor planing. I hope you have learned to keep your magick out of politics and let others do as they wish.

  • This so-called “communist leaning” magician and witch can’t help but notice that all the global binding and liberation rituals that Griffin has done over the years have been perfectly ok, but once we started picking on his choice for President, global binding rituals became the tool of assassination and black enslaver magic. I do feel sorry for the dog–if it would have been me, I would have died out in the desert along with my dog–but then again, I am an evil tree-hugging communist witch. By the way, more people voted for Hillary, so I am not so sure that the will of the American people is to be abused by Trump, who only cares about his ego and funneling government money into his businesses. If we actually go by the standard that the President can do whatever he wants, then no one should have gotten upset by what Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon did–but we did–and we all know how Griffin feels about the Clintons. In some weird alternate timeline, the greatest Golden Dawn leader ever is busy running a monthly binding spell to prevent Hillary Clinton from doing more damage to the American people.

  • There is nothing on earth or heaven or under the earth, stronger than the Blood of Jesus Christ. At the name of Jesus, demons flee! These people may have had good motives, but in dealing with spiritual warfare, if you are not covered by the Blood of Jesus, you are in danger.

  • Regarding the comments seething with hate and dripping with disinformation, you guys are really pathetic.
    What a sack of losers. All you have done is proven the truth of the internet addage:

    “Haters Gonna Hate!”

  • magick is for all. the age of membership/initiatory orders “carrying the weight” of ancient “mysteries” ended with Crowley. there are no “evil” forces nor good ones to counteract them. anyone engaging in this sort of spiritual “battle” has an immature concept of will and should consider a decade or so simply considering the difference between knowledge and understanding.

  • First of all, even a novice knows you don’t direct any dark magic toward yourself diverting it from another…you do a mirror deflection ritual that creates a protective barrier around them and deflects the dark magic back to those who cast it, and they will get it back 7 fold.
    Second, I think it’s refreshing to have a president that doesn’t read from a teleprompter, is undoing the damage done by the previous potus, and is bringing back our jobs and infrastructure. It’s also refreshing to have a president that doesn’t ignore the lies and fake news because sometimes, you gotta fight fire with fire. Certainly, he won’t make everyone happy, and the establishment is desperate to get back into control, obviously, they have lost their minds. George Soros has put alot into these groups to cause chaos and to start a civil war and the divide and conquer is working as planned. Hillary would have started her proposed third world war immediately, and shut down alternative news and went on with the globalist new world order as her handlers had planned….but here is the good part! She was so sure she would win, George Soros was so sure she would win, the DNC was so sure she would win and totally shocked and still not handling it, that she lost…thus her tour of excuses and starting her plan B for discrediting Trumps campaign and win by her fake Russian hacking claims. The DNC would not turn their server over to the FBI, and there was no proof what so ever that Trump colluded and eventually, they all had to admit it was a lie. Comey was the leaker of false narrative and Loretta Lynch in on the cover up of the classified emails on a private server of Hillary’s telling him to call it a ‘matter’ instead of an investigation, now if that isn’t obstruction of justice, I don’t know what is. I feel that Hillary hoped this would get Trump impeached or to invalidate his presidency so she could shuffle on in and be president. It didn’t work, and the more the DNC and many of those who are illumanati come out against Trump, the more they expose the corruption that has been the status quo for a very long time. Seth Rich was most likely the leak of the emails from Podesta and Hillary to Wikileaks…so they are upset about the emails being leaked, claiming they were hacked, when they weren’t, even Assange says it was an insider who hates the Clintons and the house of cards falls down around the corruption of the DNC and the Clinton foundation whilst Podesta raked in millions from a Russian stock, and Hillary sold Uranium rights to Russia, and her husband got $500,000 for a speech in moscow, and who is the one colluding with Russia? The uranium mining rights she sold to Russia when she was in her position, is the reason for the federal land grabs over in Burns, Oregon and the murder of LaVoy Finnicum when they did an illegal blind road block and assassinated him, claiming he almost run them over but the truth is they were shooting at him and now the FBI agent that did the shooting is being charged. This is all over mining rights sold to foreign countries and McCain has done this too, on Sacred Apache land. Hillary also stole the money donated for Haiti thru the Clinton foundation and those people never got the help that many donated for…went into Hillary’s foundation and you can see the previous President of Haiti’s testimony online if you wish, it’s all over the internet about how they loathe the Clintons when he was here visiting after the earthquake and because he tried to kick them out of his country, they revoked his visa and put him in jail.
    Obama did just as much harm and a long list of scandals under his belt, and now he is going all over the world, talking to leaders shadowing the president like he is still the president….and saying America is too patriotic and aren’t globalists like him, all due to the travel ban which should have been done a long time ago. If no one can see the globalists plans to destablize, bankrupt and turn this country into a third world welfare communist state, then it’s hopeless to explain all the things Obama and Hillary did to destroy us and our culture with the politically correct social engineering they have done and the dumbing down of our children in the common core program that Bill gates donated to…which Trump defunded and gave the states back in control of the kids education. This is why we see all of these kids who don’t even know what’s in the constitution or why we have the 4th of July celebrations.
    So, Trump is not politically correct and I for one am grateful he is trying to change things, he knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he also isn’t going to lay down and let them walk all over them. He put the fake press in the corner like the children they have been acting like, and I would rather have the truth told to me, crass or not, than someone lie to me nicely….like Obama did and Hillary did…lest we forget the whole Bengazi thing, or how the DOD lost TRILLIONS under Obama’s watch, or the IRS targeting tea party members and lost millions….and funny thing is, no one lost their jobs, no one was held accountable, and should all be in jail the minute she claimed the 5th….oh they like the constitution when they are in the hot seat, but they don’t like us exercising our constitutional rights when they violate them.
    I have barely covered the surface of what the political playground has been doing, and their fury to get it all back is quite disturbing. Witches doing ceremonies, stars making a portrait of Trump with their blood, the deep state scared of exposure, and the house of cards is falling…I think they all hate him because he has exposed the elite child sex trafficking ring, and they can’t have that…this rabbit hole runs deep and high up in the government. Dyncorp and other organizations that ship kids to be sacrified in snuff films and pedo rings, and they know Trump is coming after them…they got to get him impeached or do something to discredit him, try to get many people to say he is embarassing us when I am quite happy with the way he has exposed them. He is literally in the lion’s den, so nobody wonders why all these people are against him, these stars, Hollywood (known to be one of the capitals for child pedos) and the democrats who thought they had done enough to secure the win for Hillary? WEll, let’s just pull the curtain open and see who the wizard is? Anyone doing magic or funding these groups will regret it. Trump has the guardian’s protection, as John Kerry went to Anartica to ask them if Hillary could win and they refused him, the informed him Trump would win, so day one they have been trying to get rid of him, and it’s child’s play in action. Let’s just be real and understand and try to help him turn this thing around…we all just aren’t aware of the total corruption and take over of our lives by those who consider us chattel, useless eaters, want to merge with machines, the control freaks who geoengineer our skies for weather control, and the incessant wars. I think America has been too nice, and have had enough…go ahead with your propaganda, your hate and chaos magic because it just doesn’t work anymore…we are awakening and we the people do not consent to the NWO…let’s unite and kick some globalist hinny and stop the divide and conquer theme that has worked for too long! <3

    • You seem amazingly well informed. While I appreciate your optimism, I do have to wonder if Trump has sold out to the money. The initial euphoria has worn off for me. I like to think that my vote helped keep Hillary out of office, fearing exactly the scenario you laid out. And yet now I feel that I’ve betrayed our Native Americans and the Earth itself, and my hands are already stained with the blood of innocents. “No war with Syria,” said candidate Trump. If you’d care to enlighten me, I’d welcome your input. I don’t have a functional e-mail (I only bothered to include it as it was required) currently, but can be found easily on Facebook. I’m likely the only Michael Treacy with a crystal skull as his profile pic. Have a great day.

  • Let this be a lesson to you.. Just because you’re the leader of an order does not make you smart.. Or wise.. Or sane..

  • I can see leaving the dog if you can’t carry it, but I can’t see taking a shower and enjoying a candlelit dinner once you reach safety.

    You mount a full rescue expedition, do an about-face and get the dog.

    What were the sodding circumstances? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Delicious parody, and the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet in weeks. Clearly, some people don’t know deliberate satire when they read it. Do you really think that someone purporting to leadership of a sacred branch of the holy root of the Golden Dawn, possessed of the knowledge and wisdom of the Secret Chiefs, would admit to such a clumsy and bungled attempt at magickal work, and in such an ignoble and unwise cause? Truly, it is to laugh. And I do.

    Light, Love and Life,
    Fr. Chelidon

    • Thank God for that, I was losing my mind reading all these comments but thinking ‘surely this is a joke’. Not least because anyone talking about ‘dark magic’ and ‘binding’ in the GD would be summarily escorted out of the temple (I would hope).

  • “You really have done a good job cleaning up the failing Watcher of the Dawn so far, Nick.”

    OK, So I know very little about magical stuff and less about the GD but I had to comment upon the above quote. If the “failing” watcherofthedawn follows the same pattern as the “failing” New York Times y’all are set for life. This dude seriously likes to emulate his Emperor. 😀

  • Everybody’s all, “Oh politics this oh David Griffin a fraud that,” while I’m over here blowing Mr. Pibb out my nose because I simply saw the name David Griffin and instantly think of his Masonic Glamour Shots.

  • David has more paparazzi than Beyonce! There’s an entire blog dedicated to bashing him. The man must be doing something right!

  • Don’t quite understand where the hate is coming from, from all these supposedly “spiritual” people. If you hate Trump then so be it. If you think he cheated his way to the White House then so be it. But that doesn’t give you the right to harm him and his family. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for throwing in hate to people who lost their pets and almost lost their own lives. What a bunch of insensitive losers.

    • Trump and his little gnomes are trying to harm a LOT of people. Are you implying they should’ve hit back?

  • Well, well…
    I’m sure that David Griffin knows better than anyone on here that the word “Government” would be etymologically broken down into two words “govern” – to control and mente which is Latin for “mind”

    Skeet’s Etymologixal dictionary
    (recommended by Crowley himself)

    One might foolishly make the decision of magically getting involved with protecting someone like “Trumpypooh” (is what I call him), but after signing bills for Monsanto and disregaurding any respect for the Native Americans by signing big deals with major CEOs to further the “New World Order” and it’s financial agenda. I would say it’s a total loss.

    The illuminati is highly involved and very active in the world affairs, as it it common knowledge that they run the CFR and Trilateral Commison and pretty much every other branch of any institution. Especially the secret service who’s job it is to find children and kidnap them shipping them all over the world for sacrifice.

    Not to mention MK ultra and monarch mind control being used on the masses.

    So one would wonder with a name like “Archon Basallius” and being a 33 degree mason why he wouldn’t have knowledge of this age old cult and network in which Crowley, S.L. Megregor Mathers, others were clearly members of by simply reading books like
    “The Book of Black Magick” and “Magic Theory and Practice”

    These people were Satanists to say the least.

  • Griffin makes himself look lake a foolish dabbler and not adept at all .makes his order look ridiculous.
    Also calling everyone who disagees with you a hate filled person or a communist makes you look like a novice full of political paranoia.
    Along with the spiritual paranoia .
    Yes david you are responsible for your dog’s death .you abandoned the poor animal to the heat and elements. My guess is any personal loss is your personal karma for defending an evil person with your own self grandiose ego driven evil spell
    Plus bragging for sympathy about wrecking your $50k car is childish
    I’m sure your insurance will cover it
    And as for almost dying seems like that might be exaggerating. You should try to be more honest and listen to tge voices protesting trump with an open mind .
    Perhaps they are doing something for the greater good of America.
    We don’t protest because we’re sore losers or just want attention .
    Its because all the evidence is showing trump is a harmful force in american politics
    I’m appealing to your logic here
    We’ve lived through both bush and Obama without this kind of division and discord
    Maybe just maybe that is telling us somethimg
    The fraternal orders sometimes look down their noses at witches the truth is a student of esoteric knowledge is in the family with every other student in an order,a coven or solitary.
    The claim of some imaginary magickal war is just plain bad. We need to not infight .
    Besides its you who drew the line and attacked other magickians and witches because you disagree .you issued the war cry and attack and now its biting at your heels by coming home

    • Agreed, these actions come across as sloppy and just plain f**cking foolish. If Griffin really does have authentic lineage, it saddens me to see an empowered person who could be focusing his energies on service abusing initiatory power in this way. high Ritual magick isn’t supposed to be used in self interested, human ways. Then it would be grey magick. In fact its not possible, without extreme reprocussions. High magick if it is white, is under the direction of The greater beings of light the true magickal schools are in collaboration with. (And no way were they rooting for us to choose Trump!) But they did want our choice to be defacto freewill. And at the end of the day, There is far more evil and instability that needs attending to over our petty concerns in the west. A real adept would not involve himself such low and petty mudslinging. There is too much ego here and expressed throughout these threads. A true realized adept, even to have made it to that point of attainment would not care to really concern him or herself with any of it really. There comes a point on the true path, where you are heavily called to mostly move past all pettiness. At the end of the day, the real battle of the adept, with him or herself above all else. The stability of matrix itself on the inner planes is the responsibility and the main work of adepts right now. To sway affairs in this way (protecting Trump) is in violation of the highest law of all…the free will of the people. Furthermore, even an ignoramus can see how little Trump is acting in the interest of mankind. There is so little foresight throughout this thread from the man in question, and such incredible petty immaturity, it really does shine light on who and what is real here. Empowerment without enlightenment is a huge factor that is destabilizing this world. Interesting how ego is revealing itself and being dragged into the light more and more right now. No judgement on anyone though. Let worldly polarities duke it out. Until that day comes when people seek light and further knowledge of the path, we shadow warriors will keep holding the field for our brothers and sisters to find their way. No judgement on any of it. Fiat lux!

  • Did that idiot woman not have a way to contact anyone while up on the mountain? No phone? Sounds fishy to me. Her dog died because of her and her stupidity.

    • I agree Kate. Mothers have lifted entire vehicles off of their children driven by sheer love and adrenaline. That pour creature was released from its time with them I am sure. Still terrible it had to be due to their caretakers complete idiocy.

  • That is what you get for being on the wrong side of the wand, and besmirching the name of Isis.
    Donald Trump and his ilk are a bane to the planet.
    It has been said that the blood quickens in times of crisis. More than ever witches are discovering themselves and their purposes. Perhaps the Goddess Isis herself cast yee out of her grace. The power will awaken in another. These people are no greater witches than any one one else who can draw down the moon…they will grow old and die, and another will take their place. We should be thinking so far into the future when we make important choices. Like when you decide to throw yourself under the goats hooves for a man who only serves to make the lives of other rich, white, aristocrats, better.

  • David Griffin isn’t making a political statement, he has allied himself with the republic and stands ready to defend his country against internal or external threats.

    I understand when people don’t like a politician. But seriously! The “politics” are ended when the last vote is counted! The supposedly “free” witches who are planning a magical coup de etat, are only undermining the pillars of civilisation which nurtured them. Wake up!

    It is a proxy war for the soul of the American republic, and the bankroll is being paid in misery by foreign intelligence. Who benefits from unrest in American streets? Not Americans!

    We have terror groups using fascist tactics, calling themselves Anti-Fascist, while they plot to defeat democracy with the same playbook as the brownshirts. TRUMP is their Hindenburg, and the saddest part of the story is they don’t know enough history to realize they are being played.

    My sympathies for your loss, David. Real magicians do not fear the shadows on the cave wall! So we know who is real and who is fake, by observing the dialectic used in these arguments. AND thank you for this update, Nick Farrel. I look forward to reading more of your observations in the future.

  • These people think they can protect Trump?
    Who do they think got Trump in the White House?
    If any magic of any kind was involved, it was Meme magic, not a group of has-beens.
    Too bad that dog died for nothing. Kekistanis tend to love dogs.

  • Your weakness is not my own. And I am in fact toppling the “republic”; because nothing about this culture of government is sustainable or supportive of life. I don’t know about you all, but I prefer the land of the living apposed to the land of advertising, which is our political and cultural climate.

  • Hold the front page! Right-wing conspiracy theorist with persecution complex declares subservience to wealthy elite, blames others for own poor judgement.

  • So naive as to offer up yourselves to be human poppets. Quite stupid indeed. Now the poor dog has been left to its own defences since its owner is too much of a blithering idiot to carry sufficient water and a cell phone with her. If they have ever put a protection spell on the dog it was surely working when it was abandoned by someone sooo stupid. Idk if they have kids but if they do same thing could happen to them.

  • Watcher doesn’t make stuff up, but Griffin does. Watcher has only reported on what was on Griffin’s website/blog.

  • I’m pretty sure there loss is not due to black magic focused on Trump. Whatever you achieve by magic is returned to you three fold. It looks like all their misfortune is due to their own magic returning back on them in force for supporting/protecting this menace to America and the world.

  • After reading the origional post a few questions for you Mr Griffin.
    1. What unit did serve with in Vietnam? Just wondering.
    2. As a relative newcomer to desert life (sub 10 years) were you aware that rural/desert driving is inherently dangerous as is hiking during Summer? In my family we have tried and true adages for hiking; one of them is “water, water, water”, another is “If you go off the path, you’ll die”. Do you have similar rules? Have you undertaken survival training?
    3. Magically, you seem to have fallen into the trap of “It’s online, so it must be true” and reacting to it, focusing again on your conspiracies and pushing an attack/war/feud line, so, maybe switch off the net and have a hermetic retreat and focus on your personal and Order magic. This current alt-right/trolling/lulz focus helps no one and hinders all.
    4. There is a reason Freemasons ban politics from their orders, I’m pretty sure the constitution allows for multiple political opinions and parties. Robust, intelligent, respectful debate is key to the survival of the US.
    Thanks in advance

  • I’m in. Please let me know what you all need. I’ve been doing my own private rituals with no repercussions but, I’m also not targeting the commies and anti-life filth that are so hell bent on taking own civilization as we have known it. My focus has been aimed towards waking up those that we can, and guiding them towards the truth. I’m here for what ever you need.

  • David Griffin has for years been a great source of jokes and what not to do. The only pity is his son is not here to enjoy the hilarious antics.

  • In my experience, the kind of backlash these guys experienced usually comes, not because of heavy opposition, but because the “magicians” didn’t know what the fuck they were doing.

  • “The Secret Service does not yet have a magical arm”?? Really? I mean, how entirely ignorant do you have to be to actually believe that? Like, the Pentagon is that shape because… they just thought pentagons look pretty?

    • Nothing to do with magic. The site originally chosen was Arlington Farms which had a roughly pentagonal shape, so the building was planned accordingly as an irregular pentagon.Concerned that the new building could obstruct the view of Washington, D.C., from Arlington Cemetery, President Roosevelt ended up selecting the Hoover Airport site instead.[ The building retained its pentagonal layout because a major redesign at that stage would have been costly, and Roosevelt liked the design. Freed of the constraints of the asymmetric Arlington Farms site, it was modified into a regular pentagon which resembled the star forts of the gunpowder age. USSS headquarters is not in the pentagon… it is in Washington near the White House

  • The witchcraft for asshats crowd is so hilarious! Unfortunately they seem to be too dumb to realize the bind trump people are ding them and there children a favor. Oh well, no good deed goes unpunished.

  • That’s their story, and they’re sticking to it. The Pentagon’s shape certainly didn’t have anything to do with imprisoning the demon Yog-Sothoth on behalf of the Illuminati, no siree.

    The saddest part of all this (aside from some of the comments here) is that that dog died for nothing. Trump gave his Name to his Tower, and as long as it stands, no malediction can befall him without destroying it first.

    Although magicians wanting to keep Trump alive does make a certain amount of sense, given that Mike Pence would probably have everyone on this site burned at the stake without a moment’s hesitation for not Jesusing correctly.

  • Given that most of the 1.5 million pagans and witches in the US lean liberal–because the conservatives are in the pockets of the Religious Right who want us converted or dead–and given the millions of other people generally slopping their hate, angst, anger and misery toward the president, I’d say these folks are outnumbered and outgunned, magickally speaking. But then there are gay people and women who voted for this theocratic dystopic nightmare as well. Go fig.

  • Fair reporting it is, since one can save themselves from writing the commentary when people showcase their own stupidity like this, and when they make it this transparent how unbelievably stupid they are. Virtually just copy, paste, no further explanation needed and get rich selling popcorn.

    And the show must go on (attention hungry anyone?) In their latest video, around the 13:40 mark, he’s thanking God for Trump getting them out of the “Paris Climate aChange” (Paris Agreement). A self-identifying pagan bashing nature and the people who are trying to protect it (from every climate scientist to every Witch on this planet). You got me David. I slapped my forehead so hard it has left me with a concussion.

    Thank God instead that they curse themselves so that we don’t have to do it for them.

    And no, Bernie Sanders did not deny that climate change is a fact nor would he ever have pulled out of the Paris Agreement. (why am I even?)

    Sanders and Trump did not have that in common. How stupid can you get really?

    So inhabitants of a country who oppose the president of said country and who is a danger to society and the environment are traitors? Those Germans Jews and everyone who was opposed to being send to the gas chambers … Traitors … Citizens of the USSR against the famine set in motion by Stalin, or his killing of farmers or sending them to the gulags … Traitors …

    How conceited do you have to be to think that being the leader of a country, democratically elected or not (which would be a bad argument anyway since the U.S. is much more of a corporatocracy and very far from a direct, true democracy), gives someone the right to endanger the lives of innocent people? What we do with people who present a serious danger to society or the environment is we neutralize them, and being president does not and should not give anyone immunity. Every American who opposes, protests against or prevents a climate change denying president from acting upon his deliberately misguided believes (because they serve the interest of corporations) and thereby endangering the lives of millions if not billions of innocent people, is a hero trying to save their country, and very far from the traitor you make them out to be.

    Anyway, thank you again for the entertainment Mr. Griffin and Miss McQuade, and for once again proving that your heads are as hollow as the gold plated statues behind you. With every video it becomes harder to differentiate between yourselves and any of the other props in the room.

    (really … people calling themselves spiritual leaders but who have no control over their emotions, and have to scream and yell to drive home their points … hilarious)

    And please do keep dancin’ your empty dance mister Griffin, and keep us all amused as you tip toe around the facts like a ballet dancer dancing a famous choreography to the music of Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballet. But just so you know mr Griffin the Swan dies in the end, and so will your theatrics, and so will your ideology.

  • Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law

    Stumbled across this site and am rather alarmed by Mr Griffin, et al. Such an attitude as I see projected here illustrates that Mr Griffin is an empty vessel devoid of wisdom and understanding. Image appears more important than the actual WORK. Know Thy Self…

    Love is the Law. Love Under Will



    Well, I’m actually once again delighted to see David “McDonald’s Duck” Griffin and Leslie Quack joining the ranks of the worst actors Hollywood has ever bore witness to, and it looks like they’ve finally found their home. We should be glad for them me thinks. As some little ducklings never cease to be ugly, who are we to rob them of their dreams to make it big in Hollywood?

    Never before has “when you wish upon a star” been taken this literally, and if a theatrical production gives us a clear insight into the head of its producers, then what else do we get here but a psychotic version of Disneyland?

    Or to put it in other words, a Disney magic practicing order of which its narcissistic leaders never succeeded in anything beyond transforming themselves into a pair of dancing ducks and their followers into kek chanting frogs.

    Who ever said that Hollywood has run out of ideas…?

    I hope you all enjoyed the ride (and don’t worry… it’s only make believe 😉)

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