Christian carries out honour killing on daughter

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A devout Christian father carried out an honour killing on his 17 year old daughter after he found her dating a Muslim and heard she planned to convert.

When “honour killings” like this take place in Europe they are usually taken by the right-wing tabloid press to be a sign of the barbaric nature of the Muslim religion. However this case, which is not getting reported in the West, shows that Christians are capable of the same sort of thing.

Sami Karra, a devout Christian living in Israel, allegedly murdered his daughter, Henriette, because the teen was dating a Muslim man and had plans to convert to Islam.

According to Haaretz Karra decided to murder his daughter after the teen made a small cash deposit into her boyfriend’s account and telling relatives that she planned to convert to Islam.

The 58-year-old Sami Karra told his wife Aliham the night before their daughter’s death that she should forget their daughter and “let her go to hell,” declaring:

“Forget about her, let her go to hell. It’s not worth another shekel to even chase after her. She’s garbage. We need to whip her, throw her away like a dog and see how she does. She’s already gone. I’m sick of her and you.”

Well, it is what Jesus would have said.

Apparently Henriette’s mother told the police her husband felt humiliated by his daughter’s behaviour and saw it as an affront to the “family’s honour.”

The “honor killing” occurred on June 13, a day after Henriette graduated from high school. According to reports she was found dead in the kitchen of her Ramle home with stab wounds on her neck.

A week prior to her death, she went to the police and filed a complaint about domestic violence.

Henriette said she was worried for her life, and asked the authorities for protection. Yet despite the cry for help, and confirmed past instances of domestic violence against the daughter by the father, Henriette was killed.

The court heard how the defendant decided to cause the death of the deceased and in order to realize his goal he was equipped with a knife.  Apparently it was what Jesus would have done.


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