Maxine Sanders incorporates Alexandrian Witchcraft

Alex and Maxine Saunders (left and centre)

One of the doyens behind Alexandrian Wicca, Maxine Sanders has created a “religious company” called Alexandrian Witchcraft UK.

The company was formally incorporated last month as a “Private Limited Company” with three directors (Sharon Day, Maya Honan, Maxine Sanders) Company No.: 10873079 is registered in the following categories 85590 – Other education not elsewhere classified and 94910 – Activities of religious organisations

Sanders, who is the wife of Alex, certainly the fashionable face that helped launch Alexandrian Wicca. Once free from Alex, she provided the formidable backbone for that flavour of Wicca.

Now 70, according to the corporate register, it is not clear what Saunders wants her Alexandrian Witchcraft Company to achieve. No announcements have been made so far.

Similar moves have been made in other traditions to use corporate law to gain some measure of control over similar groups organised by different people. This has led to some surprising court actions.

In an Italian case, a Naples Court ruled that only one Kremez group can use a copyrighted name. This meant that a serious group based in Frascati near Rome has had to change its name even if the founder was a direct disciple of Kremmerz – indeed the only one who received a direct initiation.  The Golden Dawn wars were a similar case which were centred on a trademark dispute.

However accordong to Sharon Day the whole thing is totally innocent and is a cunning plan to set up an Internet library of all the historicial material available on Alexandrian Wicca.

She said that the Alexandrian Witchcraft online archive website has been my pet project for over a year now .

“The unabashed, relentless pursuit of history while the co-founder of the Alexandrian Tradition remains on this physical plane. Just as the website needed architects, so too did a sacred space to house its creation on the mundane,” she said.

Thus, after extensive enquiry with those who know about such things, a structure founded upon non-profit, educational aims, was born.

Speaking on Facebook, Day said: ” Firstly, the Directors are Maxine, Maya and myself. No-one else. No-one’s lineages are going to be expunged, goodness, if we were even minded to do such a thing, there must be a better way to do it but if there is, I don’t know because it has not entered our realm of thinking. The website is about historical accuracy, not expungement.”

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  • If Maxine lectures, has trips paid for to America say, runs events or has an income from Wicca in any part, making her, Maia or Sharon as assets to the company then this has to be financially recorded somehow as income.

    This is a public limited company, called Alexandrian Witchcraft.
    It doesn’t stop anyone running anything called Alexandrian Witchcraft and it’s not ‘trademarking’ a religion, path or lineage.
    It is a useful move on their part for them to make money as a company on the topic of Alexandrian Craft but is not making ownership to the tradition itself.

    The other alternative is to make money and not declare it which may affect their personal income, which at this time could be problematic for Maxine.
    It’s a PLC with a name Alexandrian Witchcraft, so guys we needn’t worry about the lineage.

    I don’t think we have much to worry about tbh as Alexandrians, however, it’s a big move on their part as far as risks go.

  • Some corrections (since historical fact seems to be an aim): Ms Sanders was one of several wives of Alex Sanders. Both re-married after their divorce. She herself has had more than one husband, including one after the Sanders marriage. Convention and custom in the UK dictate that she either use the surname of her last husband, or revert to her maiden name. If Ms Sanders wishes to be free from Alex, it might be useful to release his surname at last and to expound upon her own magickal contribution to Alexandrian Craft.
    Who is Sharon Day?

  • A ridiculous and empty gesture. Much like the Pope calling up a few buddies and forming Catholics R Us.
    The Alexandrian tradition belongs to every man and woman who ever stepped into a Magic Circle and spoke the words of initiation. The history of the tradition is the story of their lives. It doesn’t get more “accurate” than that.

  • Also she did NOT become the backbone of Alexandrian Wicca after splitting from Alex. She joined and was a very public liberal Catholic for years in between (something now conveniently side lined as she has seen the market of witchcraft)

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