Crowley’s OTO wades into alt-Right white supremists

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The Ordo Templi Orientis  (OTO) which was  “founded” in its current form  by an odd chap who thought women were too stupid to learn magic, and that Jews performed human sacrifices and deserve to be wiped out has come out against the alt-right.

For a while now OTO has attracted a fair few alt-right members from those who were drawn to the libertine writings of its founder Aleister Crowley. As a result, it has found members like Augustus Sol Invictus a political candidate who it had to expel for brutally and sadistically dismembering a goat in a ritualistic sacrifice, as you do.  To be fair to Mr Invictus, Crowley did a similar experiment which involved a goat having sex with his girlfriend and then getting its throat cut.

Anyway, it is fairly clear that the U.S. Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis has had enough of these sorts of right-wing nut-jobs in its ranks and has issued a statement against them.

The statement admits while it is no secret Crowley’s writings include a number of statements that are demeaning to women and to specific racial or ethnic groups.”  But they are what they are, and they are part of OTO’s history.

“At this time, we find that ideas of the inherent superiority of one sex over the other, or of the inherent superiority or inferiority of specific “races” or ethnicities of humanity, relative to each other, are not supported by the best science, and are contrary to our stated goals of promulgating the Law of Thelema and realising the age-old vision of the Universal Brotherhood of Man, which includes all Humankind, the statement says.

“Therefore, the U.S. Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis hereby formally and unequivocally rejects all such ideas. O.T.O. draws strength from diversity; we welcome the participation and friendship of Thelemites of all sexes, genders, “races,” and ethnic groups, and from all cultures; and we are committed to opposing their unfair treatment, within and without the Order. We further remain committed to opposing ideas and doctrines–whether religious, political, philosophical, or pseudo-scientific–that tend toward the enslavement of the human spirit, which indwells “every man, every woman, and every intermediately-sexed individual.”

This will be rather annoying to a faction within the OTO who feels that the Order is about naked scarlet women submitting themselves to men on altars, while real men express their individuality by chanting “do what you wilt” like parrots on speed.

Still the move to clean up its act has to be welcomed, it will be interesting to see if it leads to mass resignations.

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  • Okay… so the headline means the opposite of what this article is about.

    Second, Crowley did not think women were too stupid to do magick. Please see MWT where he states that many of his spiritual superiors were women. Also consider that Crowley opened an originally all male Masonic group to women.

    Augustus Invictus claims to be a pagan and not a Thelemite (not that his craziness reflects on paganism anyways). I believe he was kicked out of O.T.O.

    • Are you saying that the OTO did not issue a statement against Alt-right? Because that is what the headline says and that is what the OTO press release says. I hate to burst your bubble, but have you ever read anything about Crowley? it is telling when even OTO admits their founder was a shit to women including physically abusive and a racist. His anti-semitism was legendary. Augustus Sol Invictus was a member of OTO until they threw him out for bringing the order into disrepute. If you look at the link provided you will see what he said about his time with OTO. So whose word do we take on this… OTO,Augustus Sol Invictus, Crowley’s biographers or yours?

      • The headline implies that O.T.O. is involved with white supremacy when the O.T.O. came out against it. It is misleading and seems intentional inciting.

        Where in the released statement does it say that Crowley was physically abusive to woman or that his anti Semiticism was “legendary”? It doesn’t.

        I have read a lot “about” Crowley, but prefer to look into the horses mouth and actually read the writings people reference when people make statements such as “he thought women were too stupid to do magick.” I can tell you such statements are woefully inaccurate and not representative of his core beliefs.

        The O.T.O. acknowledged that Crowley made sexist/racist statements, then condemned them without excuses, that seems pretty direct to me and its weird that we are getting flack for it by non-members.

        Also, you have no way of knowing why Augustus was kicked out of O.T.O. as that is not public information.

        The fact that you assume it was merely to protect reputation, and not the for safety of other members, or any other reason, shows a bias on your part.

        I would rather read the O.T.O.’s official statement then the ramblings of someone who is clearly psychopath.

        • Are you seeing a different headline from me? It says Crowley’s OTO wades into (ie charges into the fight against) white supremists… how can you possibly see OTO is white supremist in that headline? I think you are deliberately misreading stuff… OTO admited in the press release “it is no secret Crowley’s writings include a number of statements that are demeaning to women and to specific racial or ethnic groups.”  But they are what they are, and they are part of OTO’s history.” This quote you have admitted seeing in your own comment. It seems to me fair enough…. But you cant accept that and then deny Crowley’s abuse of women was not legendary because it is… he made no apology for it, it is in his own writings and biographies. In a letter dated January 17, 1929, he wrote to a friend, “Call me a bugger if you like, but I don’t feel the same way about women. One can always replace a woman in a few days.” [In a diary entry dated January 4, 1931, he wrote, “In Berlin all the whores look like ‘respectable women’; in New York all the ‘respectable women’ look like whores. Reflection: they’re all whores, anyhow.” He used to beat up Bertha “Billy” Busch when she was drunk… “Bill drunk again. HELL, I may have to cane her.” She flung plates at him and eventually stabbed him. Augustus told his story to the press… so I printed that…. his existance within OTO is the issue, not the fact it had the good sense to remove him.

          • To be fair, “wades into” doesn’t sound like “fights against” but rather like “starts becoming”. It may be a cultural difference of expression though.

            And also, even though Crowley did have some childish and inexcusable opinions on women, saying that they’re all whores isn’t exactly an insult in his terminology. He considered the Great Mother Goddess of Binah to be a “whore” and the “horae” were ancient sacred harlot-priestesses whose holy holes brought horasis.

            Careful with Crowley’s language because, like with Chokmah and Binah, my Wise Father is a Fool and my Virgin Mother is a Whore!

          • “intervene in (something) or attack (someone) vigorously or forcefully: “Seb waded into the melee and started to beat off the boys”

            I dont think it is a UK thing that was a US dictionary

          • I can see how people are taking it wrong, since for example the expression “wades into new territory” is very similar and has a very different meaning. I do think the way in which “wades” is used here is more British and not all too well known by the Americans. I do think the last word “supremists” however would make it clear what is meant by anyone. The sentence would sound weird and unprofessional if the more positive forms of wading would be meant. Then, it would make more sense to say “Crowley’s OTO wades into alt-Right white supremacy.”

        • Eris, you don’t really read this for anything other than snark do you? The biases are obviously displayed.

          I’ve not seen any evidence of physical abuse, but an argument could be made that his “difficult” personality would make loving the beast a trial in itself. Crowley was the reverse of modern (Western) society. He often treated groups like shit and individuals well.

          Augustus pissed off the wrong people and made some grandiose claims leading to his expulsion. The materials were posted publicly by Augustus (what is the OTO going to do, kick him out again?). Once you eliminate all of the contradictory claims, examine the evidence, you come to the conclusion that he was kicked out for (a) embarrassing the order (or ranking members thereof), and (b) claiming an authority over Thelema that would have made his submission to the OHO & SHK problematic.

  • Perhaps it’s a colloquialism thing, but the title “Crowley’s OTO wades into alt-Right white supremists” suggests we’re going into it on the side of the alt right. I believe that’s where the sticking point is on your word choice.

  • I think we’re getting sidetracked from the real issue, being that of course women are inferior and the recognition of this shouldn’t be maligned. Every man knows this, before he’s elected to go with the flow and sound good to avoid criticism. It’s like when you see a baby shit diapers; you know you’re further ahead with things.. but the baby doesn’t know. Baby screams enough and you’ll start to side with them. But you knew… once upon a time you knew.

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