Gun toting christian cult leaders charged with child sex abuse

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Leaders of a militarised Christian sect have been arrested on child sex abuse charges after a raid on their fortress.

The Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps group is a fundamentalist Christian sect in operation in New Mexico.

The armed group, which is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, was raided by police several members of the group have been arrested and charged with a string of offences.

Police are investigating alleged illegal transportation of children from missions in other countries to its US base, as well as sex abuse.

According to NBC, the group’s leader Peter Green has been charged with 100 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a child and is being held on $5 million bonds.

One of the group’s co-founders ‘General’ Deborah Green, is also being held on a $500,000 bond.

NBC reports that other members of the cult including Joshua Green, Stacey Miller, Amos River, Victoria River, Ruth River and Timothy River are also being held.

The various charges include child abuse, bribery and not reporting a birth.

The group claims that it is all fake news as the accusations are just re-runs of old lies that have been investigated and shown to be malicious attacks against a legitimate ministry.

Apparently, it is all a grand conspiracy against the group and its members, and you only have to look at what is being put on the internet to see that.

The group’s website refers to Barack Obama as a “sodomite”, adding of Trump’s election: “It was the American people that wanted a change, not the homo-oriented NEW change spouted by Obama!”

Parroting the usual alt-right words like “snow flakes” the group spends most of its site ranting against gay groups. Like most alt-right hate it is barely coherent mixing bible verses with bile spitting which makes Ian Paisley look rational.

“GOD IS USING this whole ugly, perverted, sick, stinking, diseased Homo movement to be a punishment upon the church and this land. But, hopefully, His true ones will gather under His government (who are going to receive their share of punishments from God, you can count on it! God will not be mocked!).”

Still, if they do get banged up for kiddie fiddling, it gives you a sense of what they believe God thinks is important. Loving guns and Trump while hating homosexuals while sexually abusing kids should earn them an eternity in hell we would have thought.

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