Hurrican Harvey is God saying we must burn more gays, christians claim


It has taken a while for US born-again Christians to work out who their God was trying to punish with Cyclone Harvey and now they have decided it must be the Gays.

While New Orleans was a hot bed of Jazz, sex and voodoo, Texas was a god-fearing state with its moral compass stuck firmly in the buttocks of the 1890s. Could their God want to punish Texans like those immoral New Orleaners?

Scientists said that the storm and flooding in Texas was caused partly by climate change and adverse weather, but born-again Christians have an issue with that because God promised that there would never be a flood so flood waters can never be part of a long-term problem.

Realising that blaming the Jews is not acceptable anymore, it seems that the born agains have decided God is punishing Texas for gays.

Minister Kevin Swanson said: “Jesus sends the message home, unless Americans repent, unless Houston repents, unless New Orleans repents, they will all likewise perish That is the message that the Lord Jesus Christ is sending home right now to America.”

Radio presenter Rick Wiles, who has previously suggested Ebola could be useful for removing gay people from the world, told Newsweek: “Here’s a city that has boasted of its LGBT devotion, its affinity for the sexual perversion movement in America. They’re underwater.”

Ann Coulter has dismissed the idea that gay people caused the weather, she has said: “I don’t believe Hurricane Harvey is God’s punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor. But that is more credible than ‘climate change’.”

Michael Brown, who sits on Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board very reasonably called for people not to blame the storm on groups of people and asked: “why would God single out Houston for judgment?”

Well, Trump would for a start, Houston did not vote for him. We would have thought that any reasonable God would disagree with them enough to drown them all.

It seems to Watchers that unless your God is a psychopath, it is unlikely to punish the innocent or its followers for the “sin” of others. In this case, the “sin” is not homosexuality but corporate greed which has consistently ignored pollution warnings since the 1940s. Oddly the oil burning Texas is right up there with the big sinners.

It is worthwhile noting that those who are seeking to blame homosexuals for the floods are not those who live in Houston but hate filled nut-jobs who make the Christian afterlife look like hell on toast.  Would you want to be stuck with an eternity of these clowns?

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