Robert E. Lee’s descendant hounded out of church for being too Christian

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Rev. Rob Lee IV, a descendent of Civil War general Robert E. Lee, has been hounded out of his church for denouncing white supremacy, racism and hate.

Rev Lee hit the headlines when he spoke at the  MTV Video Music Awards speaking out against the alt-Right Charlottesville fiasco.

“We have made my ancestor an idol of white supremacy, racism, and hate. As a pastor, it is my moral duty to speak out against racism, America’s original sin,” he said.

Christians everywhere should agree with what he said. After all it is pretty much what Jesus would have said if they had allowed him to present the MTV awards.  But his own North Carolina church was not having any of that Christian rubbish.  It wanted white supremacy and hate like every good Christian church.  In the end when before it came to a vote  Rev Lee resigned from Bethany United Church of Christ.

He wrote about it in a public statement:

… A faction of church members were concerned about my speech and that I lifted up Black Lives Matter movement, the Women’ s March, and Heather Heyer as examples of racial justice work.

I want to stress that there were many in the congregation who supported my right to free speech, yet were uncomfortable with the attention the church was receiving. The church’s reaction was deeply hurtful to me.

I want it to be clear that I feel a deep love for this congregation, and gratitude that they were willing to hire me as my first church out of seminary. I believe with all my heart that God did good work in my life there. That being said, when the church wanted to vote on my tenure, I tendered my resignation.”

It sounds like he still believes in Christianity and will no doubt find a congregation which does not hate black people or people who make a stand against alt-Right and we hope his god looks after him. However what is alarming how contaminated Christianity has become in the US when hate trumps love.


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One thought on “Robert E. Lee’s descendant hounded out of church for being too Christian

  • It seems that Christians in America are more concerned about who to hate than who to love. Rev. Lee has been given a gift so he can move on. One can’t help continuing to wonder how the teachings of love have become warped into teachings of fear and hate.

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