Catholic Tory invests in abortion drug


A Catholic MP who thinks that abortion is “morally indefensible” has been linked to a firm which peddles a pill which causes terminations.

According to the Independent Jacob Rees-Mogg, denounced abortion as “morally indefensible” during an interview on British telly’s Good Morning show is a co-partner holds shares worth nearly £5 million in an Indonesian pharmaceutical company which makes misoprostol.

Rees-Mogg points out that since he became an MP he didn’t manage the funds in Somerset Capital Management firm. and had not done so since he became an MP. He said that that the funds have to be run in accordance with the requirements of the investors and not according to his Catholic beliefs.”

Co-founded in 2007, the company manages £5.7 billion – including £4.8 million worth of shares in the Jakarta-based Kalbe Farma.

Ironically abortion is illegain Indonesia, something the Catholic Church would like to see elsewhere  in Indonesia except in cases where a woman’s life is in danger, a woman has been raped or there is foetal impairment. In such cases the consent of a husband is  required. We guess it is ok to export it.

Rees-Mogg said Kalbe Farma obeyed Indonesian law and that he hadn’t been aware that the company made misoprostol – which is sold under the brand Invitec.

He added: “This company does not procure the abortion of babies. It’s not my money in these investments and I profit from the total amount of client money we hold, not the investments we make.  This is not something I would wish to invest in personally but you have a duty as an investment manager not to impose constraints on investors.”

It would appear you can’t serve God and money after all and if it comes down to a choice between money and God, the interests of the investors trump the Almighty.

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