Polish shaman site found

Nearly 9,000 year old shaman site Archaeologists have found a 9,000 year old shaman site  ago in north western Poland. The site, located close to the modern day lake Świdwie, contains […]

Underworld was a pre-human place of the dead

Early human species associated dead with caves Respect for the dead, and placing them in caves appears to pre-date the current species of humanity and might even be the root of […]

Late Mycenaean chamber tomb dug up

Mycenaean contemporaries of Homer’s heroes. Speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), archaeologist Ada Kattoula of Western Attica, Piraeus and the Islands Antiquities Ephorate said it was the third tomb […]

Ancient Egyptian gardens for the dead

Ancient Egyptian dead liked a spot of gardening A Spanish archaeological mission working in Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s West Bank has discovered a unique, 4000-year-old garden for Egyptian dead […]

Gobekli Tepe unlikely to show comet tale

Opinion of new Gobekli Tepe finding, by Nick Farrell The archaeological press appears to have been hit by a touch of the Andrew Collins lately Gobekli Tepe story seems to have […]

Images of Demons are catalogued

Avoiding a pretty picture of demons A new study has created the first visual catalogue of Jewish demons which has been made by someone who didn’t want to summon one […]

Holy Cow, Hathor might have been Syrian

Hathor might have been a female Baal One of the central goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon might have been Syrian according to new research. According to Haaretz one of Hathor’s […]

Magic is cultural misappropriation

Witch war brews over which culture invented magic An online war is brewing over whether magic has been stolen by European culture from “blacks and brown skinned people.” According to […]

Donkey dung proves the existence of King Solomon

Caco-daemon A team of archaeologists think that they have proved existence of the demon-invoking, baby-slicing,  King Solomon thanks to a 3,000 year-old piece of donkey dung they’ve found. Archaeologists discovered […]

Cannibalism was ritualistic and not for the meat

 A new study into ancient cannibalism  seems to suggest that maneating was done for the ritual rather than because people were a bit peckish. The study among hominins including Homo […]