Heroin can’t be part of your religion

Heroin religion no right to exist A heroin dealer who claimed that he should be allowed to deal the opioid because it’s his religious beliefs has had his appeal rejected. Timothy […]

Football fans bring in a witch

Witch to end curse of bad luck Football fans fed up with their team not winning any cups for 20 years have called in a witch to end its run […]

Images of Demons are catalogued

Avoiding a pretty picture of demons A new study has created the first visual catalogue of Jewish demons which has been made by someone who didn’t want to summon one […]

Anthropologist reveals Wichita soul holes

More holes than found in Blackburn Lancashire  An anthropologist has found evidence of a spell designed to ensure pregnancy and communicate with the spirits used by Wichita Nation Native Americans. […]

Kenyan magicians facing dole-queue

While a career as a magician is still fairly lucrative in most parts of Africa there is a downturn in demand in Kenya and an uptick in Tanzania . The […]

Magic is cultural misappropriation

Witch war brews over which culture invented magic An online war is brewing over whether magic has been stolen by European culture from “blacks and brown skinned people.” According to […]

Donkey dung proves the existence of King Solomon

Caco-daemon A team of archaeologists think that they have proved existence of the demon-invoking, baby-slicing,  King Solomon thanks to a 3,000 year-old piece of donkey dung they’ve found. Archaeologists discovered […]

Cannibalism was ritualistic and not for the meat

 A new study into ancient cannibalism  seems to suggest that maneating was done for the ritual rather than because people were a bit peckish. The study among hominins including Homo […]