Polish shaman site found

Nearly 9,000 year old shaman site Archaeologists have found a 9,000 year old shaman site  ago in north western Poland. The site, located close to the modern day lake Świdwie, contains […]

Asatru movement hijacked by neo-Nazis

Jailed Asatru followers confused with white supremacists. Asatru followers are finding it hard to follow their religion in US prisons because it is adopted by neo-Nazis. Ex-con Jody Hadley who found […]

Three dead in “tantric” murders

So much for sex  Coppers in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh think that the triple murders they are investigating might have been the result of a Tantric cult. Three persons were […]

Late Mycenaean chamber tomb dug up

Mycenaean contemporaries of Homer’s heroes. Speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), archaeologist Ada Kattoula of Western Attica, Piraeus and the Islands Antiquities Ephorate said it was the third tomb […]

Aussies steal British Hadean Press name

Squatters in the Hadean outback A bunch of Aussies have nicked the name of an established British occult publishing house to form their own black magic publishing brand. Hadean Press […]

Football fans bring in a witch

Witch to end curse of bad luck Football fans fed up with their team not winning any cups for 20 years have called in a witch to end its run […]