Ozzie Osborne to bark at solar eclipse

Ozzie’s own ritual Bat-biting rocker Ozzie Osbourne has his own way of dealing with the bad effects of a solar eclipse – he performs a rock-concert at it. Moonstock, a […]

Underworld was a pre-human place of the dead

Early human species associated dead with caves Respect for the dead, and placing them in caves appears to pre-date the current species of humanity and might even be the root of […]

Anthropologist reveals Wichita soul holes

More holes than found in Blackburn Lancashire  An anthropologist has found evidence of a spell designed to ensure pregnancy and communicate with the spirits used by Wichita Nation Native Americans. […]

US Paganism is only 50 years old

Who would have thunk it? While wicca might be a couple of decades older the modern US neo-pagan movement probably started 50 years ago. According to the Huffington Post scholars […]