Raymond Buckland is dead

One of the key players in establishing the Craft in the US, Raymond Buckland has died. He was 83. Buckland who was born in England on 31 August 1934 was […]

Maxine Sanders incorporates Alexandrian Witchcraft

One of the doyens behind Alexandrian Wicca, Maxine Sanders has created a “religious company” called Alexandrian Witchcraft UK. The company was formally incorporated last month as a “Private Limited Company” […]

Pets decapitated as cure for mental illness

Decapitated animals are good for that apparently Florida Coppers found decapitated corpses of chickens, pigeons, a goat and a turtle which had been beheaded during a ritual cleansing meant to cure […]

Football fans bring in a witch

Witch to end curse of bad luck Football fans fed up with their team not winning any cups for 20 years have called in a witch to end its run […]

“White witch” disappears

Witch skips   Inspector Knacker of Walton County has asked for help tracking down a woman who has disappeared after being arrested for promising all sorts of cures and then […]

US Paganism is only 50 years old

Who would have thunk it? While wicca might be a couple of decades older the modern US neo-pagan movement probably started 50 years ago. According to the Huffington Post scholars […]

Kenyan magicians facing dole-queue

While a career as a magician is still fairly lucrative in most parts of Africa there is a downturn in demand in Kenya and an uptick in Tanzania . The […]

Magic is cultural misappropriation

Witch war brews over which culture invented magic An online war is brewing over whether magic has been stolen by European culture from “blacks and brown skinned people.” According to […]