Want to be a medieval pagan? Kill cats

Cats were the sacrifice of choice Spanish farmers were killing and skinning cats bout 1,000 years ago in Spain in what is suspected to be “magical” pagan ritual. A new […]

Archaeologists decode ancient curse

A team of archaeologists have decoded a curse tablets found in an Athenian grave. The grave of a young woman, but that is more or less a coincidence – curse […]

Slough had Arthurian past

University of Reading archaeologists claim that Slough’s Montem Mound is an Anglo-Saxon burial mound similar to the famous Sutton Hoo. The mound, which was thought to be a Norman castle […]

AMORC should be shutting this year

The fiercely litigious Rosicrucian group AMORC should be shutting up shop about now – if it obeys its original teaching. In its early works, Founder Spencer Lewis, when he was […]

Review: A Dark Song

A Dark Song is Abramelin for muggles but worth watching A Dark Song is a film about  Sophia (Catherine Walker) who is grieving the death of her murdered son, seven-year-old […]

AMORC taught hollow earth theory

Litigious Rosicrucian group  AMORC claims to be sitting on shedloads of secret teachings thanks to its great spiritual leaders. We have got our paws on one of these advanced teachings […]

A new Narcissist for occult groups

Occult groups are plagued by narcissists, particularly amongst the leadership, but a book confirms the existence of  another type for us to suffer from. In his book Rethinking Narcissism, Dr. […]

Occult secrets can endanger your health

Occult secrets cause stress While occultists think secrets, and keeping silent are a good thing, they could be making themselves sick. New research published in the Journal of Personality and […]